Lost my HDD? reboot?

By Trier · 5 replies
Nov 2, 2009
  1. Hey0 techsupporters?
    im brand new here and i need soem help sorry my english im from the country of denmark:)

    Now here today when I came home from school I walked up and wanted to put my computer in place (close to the table) a cable to the fans out went to the ground (my carpet) I pressed the power button nothing happend so I looked "inboard "and saw that some fans powerlines went to my carpet. i tryed to push the powerbutton again no succes so i toke the fanpowersupply "upabroad" now i got the message of "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boor media in selected boot device and press a key"
    ive tryed to look up my bios and tryed to correct the boot list but i only see my DVD. that is a failur becuase i got XP installed on a HDD but thise is my question:

    could i have burned my HDD since it wont be read?

    sorry my english again-

    Mikkel Trier
  2. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Posts: 70

    Dear Mikkel, Welcome. I'm sorry you're having a problem. Thank you for writing in English, but it is hard to understand. Are you saying that a power cord came loose in your computer? If so, do NOT use it until the power is replaced properly.
    You may want to have someone look at your computer to be sure it is all hooked up correctly.
    It doesn't sound like your machine was damaged and the hard drive will almost certainly be OK.
    What kind of machine is it? Either post back and tell us or you can go to your manufacturer's site and the BIOS should be listed there.
    Let me know if you need more help.
  3. Trier

    Trier TS Rookie Topic Starter


    hey again thanks for writing back sorry the english (im 14) well i got a amd 2,33 im sorry i cant find the specs ;( (im not that brigt of writing it down, especial when i dont sit on my own computer)
    but its not a power cord thats loss, then i dont think my computer would start:) but my HDD wont work;( my GFX lights and my cpu fan runs?
    when i say HDD i mean the place with GB like 500 gb of free space, right? :)
  4. Trier

    Trier TS Rookie Topic Starter

    lort røv lort
  5. Trier

    Trier TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well my HDD is now at the shop where i bought it it looked pretty dead when i send it ;(
  6. daspeac

    daspeac TS Rookie

    maybe it should be simply replaced?
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