Low frame rate and slow response - lag and choppy

By dexterousw1n
Apr 14, 2009
  1. I don't know why but when I play games on my computer, I notice that it lags and the response time is very slow. I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 and when I try playing old games like Halo CE, it lags a lot even when I'm in campaign mode. Once the game starts, the game starts to lag and the sound becomes choppy. It is impossible to play. When I press w(to walk forward) it takes 2 seconds for it to walk. The music and the action becomes so slow. Any reasons or ideas why this is happening? I have a Dell Inspiron 8600(2005 computer) that has NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200. Thank you.
  2. mailpup

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    I suspect it is due to the weak graphics card.
  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    No its not actually, halo is fairly light on the graphics, works about 30+fps on integrated motherboard video, as long as the settings are low enough.
    So first (despite the extream lag, its fairly unnatural) turn down your settings, resolution should be 800x600 or lower, everything else should be self explanatory.

    Honestly, your dell should be capable of running halo just fine, so it may be a software problem. Do you think you may have malware or viruses and are there any programs in the background which are eating CPU resources? You should be able to check with task manager.

    Do you mean the game is not laggy, then starts lagging as you start to play? Do all the campaign video's play normally?
    The symptoms sound more like a CPU bottleneck, though that may be wrong.
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