LPT1 to email?

By Karmashock
Sep 11, 2008
  1. I have a very old dos database that needs to send information to about 100 people every day.

    Currently, we are printing EVERYTHING out every day, and then faxing it by hand to 100 people.

    What I am wondering is if there is a piece of software that will pretend to be a printer, that I can then map to the LPT1 port, which will then automatically email the text to a given recipient?

    Ideally there should be some way to automate changes of the recipient. For example, I could make over 100 different false "printers" with each one mapped to a specific recipient and then have the dos database trigger a script that changes which printer is used. That's messy but I'm beyond caring with this thing. It will cost us well over 120 thousand to replace it so we're still in patch stage.

    We can also print to a txt file but the final product of the email has to be raw text and not an attachment.
  2. Karmashock

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    Never mind, I think emailing from dos makes more sense.

    I've made a different thread for that question.
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