MacBook Pro or Windows 7 laptop?

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Mar 16, 2012
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  1. I am stuyding photography and I wanted to Know if Macbook pro's or ps'c are better. I was hoping someone could tell me which one has better editing tools for photography. Pretty much some brief information on what I should decide on Mac or Pc.
    Because ive heard macs r really good for editing and some other people say only noobs use em because software must be easier to use or something

    Please Help :)
  2. Leeky

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    Macbook Pro's have a proven record of photography and design usage, but so do PC's. That said, a Windows-based laptop will be just as suitable.

    It boils down to which OS you prefer, and are most adept at using. Ultimately, a Windows laptop for the same price will feature better hardware, but the experiences will be about the same in terms of performance.

    The whole noobs comment (that you've been told) is utter rubbish though -- both platforms are very suited to the kind of usage your looking at them for. If its for University or College though, make sure the option you choose is the one they use. Its no good having a PC-based laptop when all your fellow students and lecturers are using Mac's instead. If your course recommends a Mac, then go with a Mac. The upside being that if its well looked after, its resale value will hold high for years.

    So choose whichever you prefer, but remember, if you go Mac, a lot will change, including the voiding off pretty much all your current software as it won't work on Mac -- dual-booting with Windows on a Mac will resolve that, but to be honest, if your going to buy a Mac to run Windows on it you might as well just own a Windows-based computer.
  3. SNGX1275

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    That is kind of true. And you can certainly get a cheap Windows laptop with better specs, but when you start getting into physical size, weight, battery life things get much tighter.

    My advice on buying a new Mac, try to buy through their education store. Some k-12 schools qualify, nearly all colleges/universities qualify. I'm not even sure you have to prove you qualify. If you don't qualify and nobody you know does either, then I've found that places like MacMall have prices or extra goodies that make them competitive with the educational prices.
  4. jobeard

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    Yes, "when in Rome do as the Romans do" fits every environment.
    It is always easier to be part of a crowd than being a lone pioneer - -
    at least you have someone with similar issues and maybe someone with lots of experience :)
  5. nazartp

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    I'm pretty serious about my photography and had a chance to use all kinds of machines. From purely photo editing software perspective, there is not a single ounce of difference between the two. Best photo editing tools are available for both platforms. The difference kicks in on the hardware level:

    - Not sure anymore, but think MacBooks (at least some models) use IPS panels for their screen, the vast majority of PC laptops have TN panels. TN panels suck for ANY photo work. You can do it on a TN panel, but it's tricky. - EDIT: looked it up - doesn't seem that Apple uses IPS panels on notebooks. Therefore, no difference here.
    - I think MacBook Pro has FireWire port, while, once again, most PC laptops do not. That, basically, makes the difference in the time you spend transferring your pictures from the memory card to the hard drive. No biggie, but gets annoying sometimes. USB3 may have closed the gap, however.

    Otherwise, I prefer to work on a PC. Better specs for the same price.

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