Major vulnerability found in Exynos 44xx Devices (including S3)

By Archean
Dec 17, 2012
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  1. Major vulnerability found in Exynos 44xx Devices (including S3)

    The security flaw is actually in the kernel which makes the device R/W by all users, apps and gives access to full Physical Memory. In short, all Exynos 4 devices come pre-rooted directly from the manufacturers.

    On the positive side it makes it easier to root your S3, on the negative side even if the device isn't rooted, it can get taken over by any application which in turn may damage the device permanently.

    Well add this with the already glaring shortcomings of android when it comes to security, and picture doesn't look that rosy for the S3 (and other devices) owners, including me :(
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