Malfunction at Micron's Fab-2 plant could raise global DRAM prices, delay iPhone 8 shipments

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If you’ve been contemplating putting together a new PC or simply upgrading the RAM in your current machine, now may be the ideal time to do so.

According to a recent report from electronics supply and manufacturing blog Evertiq, production at Micron’s Fab-2 fabrication plant in Taiwan’s Taoyuan City was suspended on July 1 due to the malfunctioning of a nitrogen gas dispensing system that led to the contamination of wafers and equipment within the facility.

DRAMeXchange estimates that Micron Technology Taiwan, also known as Inotera, has suffered a production capacity loss of around 60,000 wafer starts per month as a result of the malfunction. Labeled as a conservative estimate, this equates to around a 5.5 percent cut in the global DRAM production capacity for the month of July.

So, what does the shutdown mean for consumers?

With supply down, pricing in the memory market is only going to increase (remember what happened to the hard drive market after the devastating flooding in Thailand several years back?). Inotera is also a major manufacturer of Micron’s LPDDR4 products used to build iPhones which means that the shutdown could impact shipments of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.

The goal is to obviously get the fab back up and running ASAP but the clean-up and restoration process is a time-consuming challenge, the site said.

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Uncle Al

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Well, the petroleum industry has been getting away with this one for years; no reason the computer industry shouldn't give it a try too......


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So production is halted til July 1, yet this article is posted on July 5. Isn't that a bit late to call it news.


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How convenient... just when amd's ryzen cpu selling like this 'malfunction'...
gpu prices going up...
memory modules going up...
my waist line going up...wth!