Malware Virus, Need Help Please

By Wesablo
Mar 27, 2009
  1. hey, im not so great with viruses and malware programs and all that, but I believe I recently got a very annoying virus. I just got a copy of Microsoft Office from my college and installed it, and the problems seem to have started after this installation. I wouldnt think this caused the virus, but I know that it started after the install. I feel like it actually may have been from a link i clicked or I don't even know, but here is what I've done so far, and the symptoms I've noticed...

    - I downloaded a free copy of Symantec Endpoint Protection (Norton) because my old Norton's subscription ran out, I ran it, and got about 25 corrupted files...
    - Ran my Ad-Aware and Spybot programs, "fixed" the corrupted files i got there..

    And here's what symptoms I've been experiencing still....

    - Upon startup, an Error comes up titled RUNDLL, and saying "Error loading c:\WINDOWS\system32\mupitera.dll ....The Specified module could not be found."
    - Constant Internet Explorer and Mozilla popups that seem advertise various Malware software and sometimes other random things like gambling
    - Also my Spybot Registry protector constantly asks me to allow/deny changes concerning the file RUNDLL.exe. I keep denying, but it ALWAYS asks again
    - Another weird mozilla popup I keep getting is an "Oops! This link appears broken - 82.92.etc.etc(looks like an IP)" and the picture in the browser shows a Google TOOLBAR search engine.

    If anyone could PLEASE help me out I would appreciate it greatly, any info would be nice though like I said I don't know much about this stuff. I don't have hijackthis but could get a reading if that could be easier. I tried my best to be concise so sorry if the post is a lil long, and thanks very much!@

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  3. Wesablo

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    hah tru this is not the first time ive heard some norton bashing, so I'll consider it and try out what u suggest - ill let u kno what happens, thank you very much for the feedback
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