Managing your Apple-ID



Managing your Apple-ID

This may be obvious — but also may not! You need an alternative email ‘just-in-case’.

Let me explain. I had a friend with an email that was associated with the Apple-ID, until that email service became too expensive, SO the email address (and that entire domain) was cancelled to save some money. A few weeks later, the Apple-ID could not be used at all. Not even on the shared devices on that same ID.

Can you see the problem?? No email account for the Apple-ID association!! Aw heck we’ll just get another one. That didn’t work as there’s no place to send the confirmation code!

When creating the Apple-ID for the first time, you need to complete some necessary steps:

Solution #1 Be sure to associate your cell phone with the Apple-ID

Solution #2 Be sure to create a secondary email and associate it with that Apple-ID too. Make sure it is NOT on the same domain as the original email — the provider can go out of business anytime OR you might forget about the issue and cancel that account willy-nilly too :sigh:

It’s quite easy to be hasty and just charge on with what you want to do and not consider the consequences (assuming that you are fully aware). In my case, the friend was a senior and the person who setup the machine wasn’t and now pays the price.