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Marissa Mayer’s time as CEO of Yahoo is rapidly coming to an end. After nearly half a decade at the helm, Mayer will almost certainly part ways with the Internet pioneer when its sale to Verizon is completed in the coming months.

Despite largely failing to turn the company around, Mayer will walk away from the endeavor with enough cash to leave her children’s children a healthy inheritance.

According to a report from The New York Times, Mayer’s Yahoo stock, stock options and restricted stock units earned during her time at Yahoo are valued at a whopping $186 million based on Monday’s share value of $48.15. That amount does not include Mayer’s salary and bonuses earned over the past five years, nor does it include the value of Yahoo stock she has already sold.

The information comes from documents sent to shareholders regarding the Verizon deal.

It’s worth noting that this is not the value of her golden parachute (severance) package (that has previously been valued at more than $23 million).

Mayer last month said she would also be foregoing her annual bonus and equity grant for 2017, instead electing that they be redistributed to the company’s employees. The move was seen as a gesture of goodwill in light of the two massive security breaches that recently came to light.

According to calculations based on various filings, Mayer will have pocketed well north of $200 million for her time at Yahoo – a realization that may rub some the wrong way given the current landscape and chatter around wealth inequality.

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This article mentions about wealth inequality. That was bound to happen anyway. People would get rich anyway as long as their is a big economy and money is there


This article mentions about wealth inequality. That was bound to happen anyway. People would get rich anyway as long as their is a big economy and money is there
Not true. If you didn't realize this, it's only been since the 1990s that CEO and the 1% have seem their income balloon in comparison to the middle class. If what you said were true, it would have happened in the 50s and 60s when America's economy was strongest. What we are seeing here is that in spite of economic downturn and the shrinking salaries of the middle class the rich continue to get richer.

In America, we used to have laws in place to tax the rich to prevent concentration of power. Nowadays? We promote concentration of power by taxing the rich less than the average working man and encouraging that by allowing them to donate unlimited dollars to politicians. The average american has been groomed to serve the rich perfectly with their consumerist addictions and "screw everyone who isn't me" attitude. It's always a laugh when people defend corporations screwing their customers over with "But companies should make as much money as they can!". Yep, and using the laws that the land grants them to protect themselves, they will rape and pillage each and every one of you for every penny you have. Of course, that's what happens when you have unchecked capitalism.

If you take a dichotomy of economies around the world, it's pretty obvious that letting wealth concentrate without check simply creates an oligarchy.


I mean I know it can't be the easiest thing to be a CEO of a giant company but Jesus. There are people who get worked to the bone and don't even get a swift kick in the ***, let alone a bonus or severance package or stock options or one of the other goddamn things these wealthy CEO's get and all she had to do was buy a ton of companies that really didn't do anything to help her already declining company. (If you disagree with this statement that's fine since I don't know Yahoo's complete history with her) I still slap myself on the forehead knowing they paid some teen 30+ million for some messaging learning app of some sort. <--Don't quote me on correct info lol.
Her children will most likely fail miserably at all of their endeavors, amounting to nithing of value, the remaining $ will be squandered between them on drugs, boats, planes, cars & houses, jewelry, name it. Inject one or more failed marriages into the mix, a crooked financial manager, and a so- so- economy and I doubt very much that her "children's children" will ever see a penny. This is redistribution of wealth according to Charles Darwin.


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I had no idea failure could be this successful. I've been doing things wrong all my life and only just woken up to the fact right now that if I had striven for failure instead of success, I could've been as wealthy as this hag. Damn man!!! Why didn't my parents drum that into me???
I wonder if she'll ever sit back one day and reflect upon all those lives she's ruined and feel some remorse, while sipping on a Martini on her yacht, in Monte Carlo's yacht basin, enjoying her millions, at the expense of those poor unfortunate fools. I seriously have my doubts.
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