Massive data download on Android

By BundyGil
Apr 14, 2016
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  1. I find that one of the various android devices connected to my WiFi is downloading massive amounts of data to android OS of the order of 500 mb in an hour. Normal android OS download is around 10 mb per day or less.
    How can I stop this. Plays havoc with my data allowance.
  2. vis12345

    vis12345 TS Booster Posts: 72

    I completely understand this issue. There are many inbuilt apps and other manually installed apps would cause this. There is also major possibility of Google Play Store, Google Services and Sync Settings would consume more data due to constant contact with your online accounts with respective sites.

    To overcome this issue:
    1. Configure phone settings, Location Settings, Connectivity, Sync Settings & Google Play Settings to optimize the data consumption.
    2. Configure installed apps.
    3. Optionally, install a battery saver app[DU/CM preferred] and an adblocker[Adguard/ABP preferably]. Ads might consume data than the site you are visiting. This is the era of Flash Ads.
    4. Remove unwanted apps.
    5. Replace heavy and data consuming apps with light and low data usage apps, if you can.
    6. Install a better AV like SOPHOS/Antiy AVL/ZONER which is light and top AV for Android. BD, KAS/ESET/AVIRA/AVAST wont help you with more detection and they are heavier than top AV suggested above.
    7. Install only trusted apps:
      • Check permissions, whether it is required for the app which you are looking.
      • Always read T&C, Privacy Policy before installation. It might contain unwanted/hidden data collection which might increase data usage.
      • Don't trust Google Play completely. It also contains thousands of malware/phishy apps approved by Google Play Sh**ty Scan Engine. I'd recommend TorrAPK/APK Mirror for downloads as the apps are tested completely before uploaded to sites.
    8. Read these articles for additional tweaks:
    There are more. One you've done almost all of the above, you won't need those tips too. However, if you require afterwards, I can share.
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