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Master Python: Save over 95% on 50+ hours of training

  1. For programmers, there are few programming languages you can learn with the versatility and ease of use of Python. It was designed to keep all the laborious command syntax learning to a minimum so the coder can focus on function. Stripped of the minutia that bogs down other programming languages, the simple, yet powerful Python code can not only be applied to any number of web projects, its streamlined product makes implementing and troubleshooting your app or website a world easier.

    If you’re a Python newbie, you can jump in with both feet and get a master’s handle on the critical development tool with the complete Python Programming Bootcamp package, now 96% off in the TechSpot Store.

    In all, you’ll receive over 50 hours of in-depth Python training, including:

    • Python Tutorial - Python Network Programming - Build 7 Apps: Use core Python concepts to create apps from scratch in real-life situations.
    • Python Made Easy: The Complete Python Developer Course: Learning basic Python commands up to the advanced functions used by Python masters.
    • Python Programming: The Step-by-Step Python Coding Guide: Understand Python 2 and Python 3 as you work with strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans and more.
    • Python for Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course: Protect vulnerable systems with hacking tools you create yourself.
    • A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming: This Python primer runs the gamut from the most basic to the most advanced Python concepts.
    • Analytics, Machine Learning & NLP in Python: Did you know you can use Python to help your computer actually think for itself? Machine learning is all the rage -- so find out how it can help simplify your coding projects.

    This course bundle would usually cost over $1,000, but right now, $39 is all you need to add Python mastery to your skill set.

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  2. Justin Ballard

    Justin Ballard TS Rookie

    Good deal!

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