Master Python with this complete coding bundle, now 88% off

By TS Dealmaster
Mar 18, 2016
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  1. Python is one of the most popular coding languages around for one basic reason: it streamlines and simplifies vast chunks of a developer’s creative process. Its power, versatility and user-friendliness makes it a tool every coder should have in his or her toolbox. Now you can get up to speed today on everything Python with this complete coding bundle of courses for $49 -- 88% off -- in the TechSpot Store.

    Included are seven courses that’ll walk you through all aspects of Python programming:

    • Mastering Python: Understand why Python is so useful as you learn the language’s syntax, operations and tips for writing efficient, reusable code.
    • Building a Responsive Website with Bootstrap: Use this CSS framework to build a complete web project from start to finish.
    • Learning Git: Master Git, which tracks all your project’s users and all their revisions to find bugs and keep your website or app error-free.
    • Mastering D3.js: Represent your data in stunning visualizations with this slick JavaScript library.
    • Building Responsive Data Visualizations with D3.js: Use Bootstrap and Pym to take your D3 data visualizations to the next level.
    • Rapid Flask: Flask allows you to drop fully-functioning features into your app with minimal coding let this micro-framework to the work for you.
    • Learning Flask: Cut down your app development time to a fraction with all the shortcuts Flask makes easy.

    This Python course package would usually cost over $400, but at 88% off its regular price, you can add Python mastery to your resume at a fraction of its normal cost.

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