Maxtor 200 gb harddrive problem

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Nov 28, 2005
  1. Hey everyone, I'm new here, so please excuse my noobness :angel:

    My computer is this:

    512 mb PNY pc3200 ram
    Chaintech VNF-250 motherboard
    PNY 6800 nu graphics card
    200 gb maxtor hdd
    Athlon64 3000+
    Windows XP Home edition SP2

    So, I've been using the 200 gb harddrive with no problems, but then all of a sudden, my harddrive went to about 130 gb of space, so I thought it was weird, and I did a format of the drive. Now, only 32 gb of space is usable. I went into bios, and that's all it can see. If anyone knows how to solve this, it'd be great.

    Thanks alot.
  2. Nodsu

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    "All of a sudden"

    Did you do the reinstall on a FAT32 partition? If yes, then you will have to create additional partitions to make use of the rest of the disk.
  3. chronostorm

    chronostorm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    by all of a sudden i mean like, one day i turn on the compy and the harddrive is smaller. and i dont think its the partitions, cuz it shows 32 gb in the bios.
  4. Nodsu

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    Did you play around with any jumpers? Many hard drives feature a jumper that limits the drive size to 32GB. Might want to check in the BIOS and make sure LBA addressing is enabled.

    THE ANTI TS Rookie

    another AMD person THE HORROR.....i have a cure for your problem however you have an AMD system which makes it hard for me to help you out....if u can make the change from AMD to Pentium i will be more than happy to help you...the problem you have is what they call the motherboard limit..remember make the change and i will help have a good day
  6. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    That's just wrong. Please do not reply to threads if you have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. chronostorm

    chronostorm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what a bunch of bs dude. Just because your attitude sucks on ur own thread doesnt mean you should spread it everywhere. I actually tried to help u. Like Nodsu said, if you don't know what you're doing, dont post.

    THE ANTI TS Rookie

    and i suppose you do?? :haha: :haha:

    Going by your posts your no where near solving the problem this guy has with his hard drive this guy needs help not misleading

    THE ANTI TS Rookie

    Now im about to help u :)

    now ignore the past which is only a few days old lolssssss anywayss i read your first post about the problem you have and you say that you did a format which may have caused the drive to only allow 32 gb of space to be used (i know that you had 130gb problem b4 that but i also have an anwser for that lets consentrate on this one first) read below may solve the case of the 32gb reduction

    Drive Jumpers
    : Applies to Mac and Window users. On drives that are larger than 32 GB there is a Capacity Limitation Jumper (CLJ) or the Alternate Capacity (AC) Jumper setting. This jumper will limit the capacity of the drive to 32 GB and should only be used when the BIOS hangs when trying to auto-detect the drive. If you have two jumpers shunts on the drive you will need to remove the CLJ or AC jumper. To resolve the issue use the standard jumper settings.

    If you format the drive with the CLJ or AC jumper then the drive capacity will be limited to 32GB. After removing the CLJ or AC jumper the drive will still be recognized as 32GB. You must reformat the drive without the CLJ or AC jumper to gain the full capacity of the drive.
  10. Nodsu

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    So your "solution" is the one that I provided three days ago. Well done!

    I have to admit you worded it better than me, but that's probably because you copy-pasted it from somewhere.
  11. Samstoned

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    your MB bios sounds like it recognized the drive rightly the first time.
    so the ?? is what would make it default back
    if you used the format utility wrong the bios will reset to this size
    first I would check and reset bios to default condition optimum set to hdd as auto or LBA and Auto Detect
    I use seagate utilitys most of the time,but in this instance
    go to hdd website use there formula to reset the drive size
    if that does not work I would get lastest bios flash bios may have gotten corrupted
  12. THE ANTI

    THE ANTI TS Rookie

  13. endususer

    endususer TS Rookie

    lolz im having a problem just like this.. kinda..

    and im total noob to this board too! (this makes total posts = 2 )

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