Maxtor hard drive noisy

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Hi,My Maxtor 160GB sata hardrive three months old has become noticeably noisy i checked to see if it was the CPU fan by disconnecting the hardrive and it disappeared.When the red light flickers the noise coincides with the light,the noise is like a squeaky sound,is this normal.Regards Martin.


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No, I would say it's not normal. But you knew that already or you wouldn't be here. I would backup any important data and replace the drive. If it's only three months old, it should still be under warranty.


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Look at the date code on the label of the Maxtor. Some retailers are selling "refurbished" maxtor 160GB drives that have a date code from May and July of 2007. They are used, and sold at a low price, but noisy and worn out. The noise is typical of these "used" Maxtors. If that date code isn't current with the date you purchased it, you may have a refurbished, old, and worn out Maxtor. We have seen a lot of them in the past 60 days.
Please report back, as I would be curious enough to do more follow-up with Maxtor... I don't think Seagate or Seagate Maxtor would like this to be happening any more than a user with a noisy drive.
Some actually have the name of the person, and refurbishing center, but they are still used and noisy.
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