May have killed two computers.. Repetitive Beep of Death

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May 19, 2009
  1. First off I don't have all the computer specs, I'm at work so I'll start with the general story...

    My computer: When I turned the power on would not start and would not make any POST beeps. I tried removing the video card / RAM / checking all plugs were in properly.. nothing worked. I swapped some RAM into my computer from my brothers.. still didn't work - so I tried his HD (same model, 320gb Seagate) in mine.. and it started to make POST beeps, long and repetitive. I hooked my HD back up and it made the same noises.

    Now before I touched my brothers computer, it was working perfect. The only parts I removed was the HD and the RAM. Now I ordered a new HD and new RAM - hooked them both up and his computer STILL makes the long continuous beeps.

    Is it possible I killed his RAM / HD and that somehow killed something else??

    I'm reluctant to keep fiddling around in case I cause more damage. I'd prefer to fix it myself as I'm now living in a more rural area and a) don't trust computer techs around here and b) they would probably take weeks to work the problem out and charge me more than the cost of a new comp

    I've read an extensive list of FAQ's and thought that on my computer, the power supply was faulty and killed my HD / possibly my RAM as well. I'm having difficulty hooking up my new power supply on my computer so I can't be sure that was the problem or not.

    I'm pretty desperate for advice, I've read so many FAQ's I'm just confused now - and would really like to try to fix my brothers computer.. before he is back from overseas :O lol
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    Ok to complete the above post, my comp specs are:

    HD: 320gb seagate (16mb)
    AMD AM2 Athlong 64x2 dual core 6000 3ghz
    2x DDR2 2gb corsair pc5300
    Video card 8800GTS 320mb
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  4. grantjames

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    Thanks for the tips! It's getting late here but the guide looks like it has some things I haven't tried - I'll see how I go tomorrow :) fingers crossed
  5. grantjames

    grantjames TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Good news! Fixed my brothers computer... the RAM had been fried and the new RAM mustn't have been seated correctly. Thanks for the guide.

    Bad news is my computer - with a new PSU / case - is still not posting. I've tried everything on your guide up till resetting the CMOS - I'm not sure how to short the circuit. I've read a fair few different sources and they all conflict.

    Do I take the battery out and start the comp? Do I just link the 2 pins with a screwdriver? It's all a bit confusing and what one person suggests, another person says definitely don't do that! ;)
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    That reminds me, i need to install the beeper onto my mobo
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