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Hey there everyone, I am looking to buy a nice mechanical keyboard to use for gaming and such. The problem is, is that I am lost on what I should get and what switches are best for me. Currently I have a wireless logitec keyboard and I am sick of it, it misses a bunch of keystrokes, it has a very squishy feel the the keypresses, and it runs on triple A batteries which is quite a hassle.

I am unable to experience or feel all the different switch types for preference, but I can only imagine how they would feel, for example blue is like a mouseclick, brown is like a mouseclick except you can press it further than it has too, and black and red are smooth key hits except black takes more force if I am correct.

I feel as if I would prefer blue or brown the most because of the easy feedback it gives and it would be probably easier for me to break into.

I also know that ps/2 wire is the best for key rollovers rather than usb and my computer does support ps/2. I am looking for a nice keyboard between 80-110 dollars that suites its purpose, is durable, and a little eye candy wouldn't hurt either.

I am eyeing this one right now, what do you people think of it?

Jad Chaar

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Here are some options:
  • Steelseries 6GV2
  • Coolermaster Quickfire XT
  • Razer Black Widow 2013
  • Logitech G710+
  • Corsair Raptor K50
There are plenty more options, but these are the best.