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MediaFire's new desktop file-sharing client brings 50GB of free cloud storage to Windows and OS X

By Justin Kahn
Nov 22, 2013
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  1. File hosting company MediaFire is enhancing its service today with the announcement of MediaFire Desktop. Available for both Windows and Mac, MediaFire's new client will allow users to upload files to the cloud from the desktop, along with additional sharing...

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  2. EmirSc

    EmirSc TS Rookie

    Dont use mediafire, they delete and block accounts for no reason.
  3. IT is probably ran by the NSA or police. To see what you are sharing. They wont even need a search warrant. They will just say you agree for them to look at it since you put it on their server. Hahaha. Users are such sheep. Free 50 gigs of storage. Nothing is free. There is a catch. You put files on there and tools and your intellectual property and they will just steal it. In my opinion if a company is serious about honesty. They they should give you the option to store your stuff with an encryption key only you know for that is the only honest cloud storage. This should be like a 2048 key that would take some one a malenia to break or something with such strength. That is the only way I would store something like personal files in cloud. Only if it is encrypted and it comes encrypted to my system and my system is the one who decrypts all files. Then you can ensure privacy. This should be law. And don't even tell me the bs of if I want privacy I must be a criminal for you can sell that cheese to someone else why that should be your right to look at my stuff. Even if it is just a picture of my dog or a flower in the garden. You would have no right to brows my directory. Or if it is a picture of my cute wife or daughter. It should be off limits to strangers but this is what you are faced with when you store in the cloud. Who knows what employee looks at your stuff while doing routine maintenance on the servers.

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