MediaTek targets gamers with new Helio G Series chipsets

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Taiwanese semiconductor maker MediaTek is most often associated with powering entry-level smartphones but with its latest chip, the company hopes to alter that perception.

MediaTek on Tuesday introduced its new Helio G Series chipsets – the Helio G90 and G90T – and HyperEngine game technology to take its mobile gaming chops to the next level. Helio G90 series octa-core chipsets feature ARM Cortex-A76 cores for higher-end processing and Cortex-A55 cores for lighter duties alongside Mali-G76 graphics clocked at up to 800MHz.

The package is paired with 10GB of LPDDR4x memory operating at up to 2,133MHz.

The HyperEngine game technology may be the most comprehensive of the bunch. It includes:

  • Networking Engine: Intelligent network prediction optimizes the connection between your smartphone and cellular network. If it detects the Wi-Fi signal degrading, it triggers Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency that takes just milliseconds. This seamless exchange from one connection to the other keeps the network connection smooth and the game lag-free. Even with a crowded network you’ll get up to a 50% faster response than competing solutions.
  • Dual Wi-Fi Connections allows a single smartphone antenna to be connected to two Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz/5GHz) or two routers simultaneously. This ensures a reliable connection, decreases latency and reduces game jitter.
  • Call & Data Concurrency so when your smartphone receives a call it won’t drop the data connection. You can defer a call without leaving the game. The data connection remains live and the game server connection never drops, not even for a millisecond.
  • Rapid Response Engine uses touch acceleration to improve in-game action-to-display speeds so the game world is streamed and rendered fast and fluidly. Precise timing control, up to the millisecond, delivers an instant action-to-display experience, faster frame rates and smoother game play so you can maneuver the game world without stutter.
  • Resource Management Engine intelligently directs device resources including CPU and GPU for optimum performance and automatically delivers smooth, fluid, high-performance frame rates in games. It ensures smoother performance while benefitting power consumption for longer game play.
  • Picture Quality Engine provides Support for the latest HDR10 standard with 10-bit Color Depth for vivid visuals on HDR-enabled smartphone displays for theater-like viewing. Deep picture quality enhancements bring better contrast, sharpness, and improved fine details for true-to-life gaming experiences.

MediaTek hasn’t yet revealed when its new SoC will find its way to handset makers for inclusion in their latest smartphones.

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