Mega-Screwed Grafix

By james_k1988
Oct 1, 2005
  1. My m8's grafix card recently conked out (ati radeon 9200 se) an all was well with gmz an such until obviously that happened.Anyway we tried one of his old grafix cards (geforce 4 mx450 or sumfin, its a 64mb) . Now the alst time we tried this card we had weird problems. This happened with all games but ill use Medal of Honor Breakthrough as an example. When the main menu loaded up everything wos f***ed . Flashing blue and green colors were all over teh place, we tried to go into a game (BIG MISTAKE) all teh textures were a mess. everything wos messed up. Now this was like this before he got teh 9200, as soon as he got that everything was fine. Now his 9200 blew up an we tried that mx450 which still done teh same as before so i sold him my fx5700ve (which ino works ) and we still keep getting the messed colors an textures :S (this happens on all games btw, we even tryed battlefield 2 and hitman)

    Now i think the nivdia drivers are screwed but cant seem to fix it, i tryed putting the drivers down to a lower one an still teh exact same. I'm thinking im gonna hav 2 format teh system but is there another way around this without doing that?
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