Memory card is not getting detected in laptop

My samsung 16GB memory card is not getting detected in my laptop.
Even if I connect through my phone data card it's not detected. But it is working properly in my phone. I have been using it for 2 years.
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If your memory card is not detected in laptop then install a memory card recovery software for recover the data from you memory card.!!!


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I have an old desktop running XP which has an SD card slot. Although SDHC type cards slot in perfectly they aren't detected. That's because these cards are newer technology and have a higher storage capacity. They work fine on my more recent laptop. If your laptop is quite old that may be the reason and you would need to buy a suitable usb card reader.


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Have you tried checking the same in 'Disk Management'. It may be possible that the file system itself is damaged and you won't able to use it. Formatting will do the trick but you may lose the whole stuff saved onto the card.

Note: Don't forget to recover your data first because formatting will erase everything.