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Memory Stick (Sandisk Cruzer Mini) HELP NEEDED

By slb321 ยท 35 replies
Feb 6, 2005
  1. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    Same here!
    I have the 256mb Cruzer Mini. This is the ONLY way I can get a few Dell PC's at work to recognize the drive. All the IBM's see it with no problems. I have asked why this is on another thread here but never got an answer.
  2. Fred

    Fred TS Rookie

    I recently ran into an XP laptop and I plugged my sandisk into the USB port, and no light came on. So I plugged it into a desktop and it worked fine. So I went into the bios settings on the laptop and I chose the option to "enable legacy USB". Then I booted XP back up and sure enough I plugged the sandisk Cruzer Mini in and it was found by XP and I was able to use it.
  3. progrmr

    progrmr TS Rookie

    OK, this is just an FYI post for future people that find this thread.

    I had the exact problem that the original poster had - mine was a cruzer mini 128MB. It just straight up died on me one day.

    I tried every trick and tool in this post and many others. Nothing worked.

    Here's the FYI part. I had access to a MAC w/ OS X. I plugged in the drive and it formatted it immediately, which was not able to be done on any windows system I tried.

    It's working fine now. Strange, but whatever works.
  4. jfreider

    jfreider TS Rookie

    I have similar problem with Cruzer Titanium. Windows XP does detect is but
    is not shown in the Explorer.
    Apparently the problem was solved very easily. Win XP automatically
    maps such storage devices on F: drive but my F: was mapped to a different drive on the network. And XP can NOT (!) change the drive letter automatically.
    So, just go to Control Panel- Performance&Maintenance- AdminTools- ComputerManagement-Storage-DiskManagement. Find your drive and reassign the letter for this drive. Then click Explore and here you go. Explorer now shows it as there is no conflict anymore.
    BTW, some of folks before wrote that Explorer shows the drive only if it's inserted before XP is booted I think it's exactly same problem. XP depends on the order of mapping different drives on the startup. So, if you resolve this you might not need to restart WinXP every time...
  5. dhaninugraha

    dhaninugraha TS Rookie

    my Cruzer had died for several months, and it's back to life this morning.

    well, after a long contemplation, I realized that my Cruzer Mini worked JUST FINE on computers with USB 1.1 ports.
    (it works with my dad's PC, with school's PCs, and with an old-skool Toshiba Portege. all of them were running WinXP, and still using USB 1.1 ports.)

    so I dashed to my PC this morning, went to BIOS Setup, and seeked for the "Onboard EHCI Controller" (which is the USB 2.0 controller), and turned the option to "Disabled". I restarted the computer, logged in to WinXP, then I plugged in my Cruzer Mini... voila! it worked!

    hope this solution works for y'all too.
  6. andytechsob

    andytechsob TS Rookie

    I'm having this same problem, HOWEVER, on only one computer. On all the other computers I can access the drive successfully (read/write/delete). I'm also seeing an advisory that the disk will work better with USB 2.0. Meanwhile, formatting the Sandisk seems to be a quick fix but not a complete resolution to the issue; what's the incompatiblity? Also, I can successfully access "other" USB key drives on this one computer. Dunno yet what I'll do.
  7. makebbekus

    makebbekus TS Rookie

    Thanks, I had the exact problem and this fixed it.
  8. pcrepairs247

    pcrepairs247 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    nice 1

    cheers m8 that link worked fantastic

    you are a true legend
  9. damus80

    damus80 TS Rookie


    thanks! this works , lost my format after re-installing winxp
    my is a cruzer 512mb
  10. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    Please read the FAQs at the top of this forum regarding flash drives.
    Cruiser flash drives are notorious for being unstable.
    ALWAYS backup.
  11. Djdale

    Djdale TS Rookie

    Admin/ Computer Experiment Tech

    I got the Sandisk Cruzer micro2GB today. After several attempt to formatting it, I was able to accomplish it on my Win vista home premium.
    I don't know this will work for you it's worth trying.

    After installing the Cruzer, access it via my computer.
    You should see two removable drive, one is read only.
    Right click it (it's a cd icon)
    Go to property, select the Readyboost tab and check do not use this device. Apply the changes.

    Now go to you the other removable drive and format it.

    I hope that works for you.
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