Memory Upgrade

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Dec 1, 2008
  1. I have 2 mem slots in my Dell Dem 2400. I currently have 256 mb in one slot. I want to add a 1 gig module. Do I put it in the empty slot or do I take out the 256 and put in the 1 gig and then plug the 256 in the other slot?
  2. bigspud200

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    na mate just put the 1 gig in the other slot i have a p5n-e sli mother board with 8 gig lol just kept on upgrading it never had a prob swaping them around
  3. hrlow2

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    According to the Dell site I just visited, That machine has a RAM max of 1GB, so I would sideline the 256MB and get 2 of the 512MBs. Will take PC2100 or PC2700.
  4. Topps9008

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    agreed with hrlow
  5. Tedster

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