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Memory write/read failure at 1F7E000C, read7C917E91 expecting 7E917E91

By eggston
Sep 18, 2010
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  1. Hope I am in the correct forum

    I have an old (2005) Dell Lattitude 110L
    It's been awhile since I messed with it but I believe that the original problem was a virus.
    Somewhere along the line someone went into MSCONFIG and checked the safeboot button...... time passes,,,, forgot that it had been set to that and attempted to completely reformat the pc. It got stuck in a seemingly eternal loop,
    "windows cannot proceed Setup in safe mode" And would just continue to reboot itself. Yea, 2 years later I reset the RAM. Now I get a black DOS screen with this error code

    memory write/read failure at 1F7E000C, read7C917E91 expecting 7E917E91
    memory address line failure at 1F7E0000, read 7E917E91 expecting 81818181

    Any ideas??
  2. captaincranky

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