Messed up reinstallation

By englishsinger
Nov 25, 2009
  1. Please can someone help- I'm a relative newbie and I seem to have messed up.
    I have two hard drives in my PC. I kept the smaller one from my old PC and made it the slave drive.
    Everything has worked fine until I got a virus and decided to do a clean reinstall of XP.
    Although I thought I'd followed some instructions I found properly - I obviously haven't. It looks as if I've installed it twice.
    When I boot up, now I get the black screen asking me which operating system to start and XP is listed twice. If I click the top one, I can't connect to the internet and Device Manager shows a yellow question mark next to the Ethernet Controller, PCI Device, Unknown device and video controller.
    If I click the bottom one, I can connect OK and Device Manager doesn't show any problems.
    The smaller (old) drive is now shown as the 'C' drive and the larger new one is the 'D' drive.
    Also can't now get any of my media files to play audio. Keeps telling me there's a problem with my sound device.
    Please excuse my limited knowledge. I hope one of you talented guys can point me in the right direction!
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    >> How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows XP

    Basically you need to delete the top line that doesn't work in the Boot.ini file
    So it looks similar to this:
    I say, "similar", only because yours may actually say:
    Which is obviously still incorrect

    You need to physically remove the 2nd Hard Drive
    Then install Windows clean again on the first HardDrive only
    Here's a guide: (please select your Windows version)

    Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

    Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

    * Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files


    Once Windows XP is all back installed, you need to update to SP3 at Windows Updates
    And then install all your drivers (Info HERE)


    Then you can re-mount the 2nd Hard Drive ;)
  3. englishsinger

    englishsinger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a millon. I think I can cope with that! I'll do it as soon as I can. I've already backed up all my files on both drives, so should all be OK.
  4. englishsinger

    englishsinger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you so much for your help, which is really appreciated.
    Did everything as you suggested. Took me a while to reinstall everything but all is working brilliantly now!
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