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By Nefarioux
Dec 16, 2015
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  1. Okay, I have been using my headset for around 2 years without a problem until 2 days ago, I was skyping with my friends and suddenly they can't hear my voice but they can hear the sound coming from my game. So, I thought maybe it's time to change my headset. Yesterday, I bought a Armageddon Pulse 7 and mic boost to 30db, the mic is have a lot of statics and I have to shout in order for my friends to hear, so I think maybe it was bad luck picking a spoiled headset. I went to exchange it and pay a bit more price for Razer Kraken Pro and I am still currently having the same problem.

    The problem is, my mic recording my inner computer sound instead of my voice and outputting it.

    I ran several Malware scans, Antivirus scan and SFC and no problem or virus was found.

    I read through a lot of threads, but none of it works; I disabled my stereo mix, echo, reinstalling realtek, installing Razer Synapse.

    I am using Windows 10

    As you can see, I even disabled my front mic and there is still sound inputted.
    And "listen to this device" was also disabled.
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