Microphone is picking up output audio that my headset is receiving

I made account here just to say to you that YOU ARE GOD LIKE!
You are the one and only person with this solution and you helped me a lot!
I was going crazy! Paid a lot of money (at least for me) for my pc and hyperx headphones and everybody was saying my headphones are faulty and I need to replace them. I was going to return my pc to store... Anyway to make a long story short, thank you one more time, I wish you everything best in your life!

Figured it out for me at least lots of google searching everyone is talking about this stereo mix option im like wtf where is this searching all the WINDOWS options when I should have been looking in realtek device advanced settings
check the option separate all input jacks as independent input jacks

For those who are still having this issue... I had the same I tried all the ones here none worked but if there's someone with the same issue this helped me on Windows 10

I went to the sound settings in Control Panel>Recording Tab>Microphone(the microphone you are using)>Properties>Listen Tab>Playback through this device, select your mic and then apply.

Hope it works


So if anyone is having this issue as of recently but can't find answers, after the most recent windows update (10) my audio was always being broadcasted to people in a call with me. I have an MSI motherboard I downloaded the MSI Live updater and got it fixed through downloading the audio devices. So if you are having this issue and cant find an answer this might be your answer too at least if you are running an msi motherboard.