Microsoft announces "Hardwear" clothing and merch line

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In brief: Microsoft has partnered with designer Gavin Mathieu on a clothing and merchandise line that is reflective of the Normcore style, which is said to be attractive, comfortable and viewed as "normal" by most people.

"Hardwear" is a nine-piece collection consisting of shirts, hats, cargo pants, sweaters, sweatpants and jackets. There's a heavy retro vibe to the line, as evident by the blue sky green hill tee sporting the iconic Windows XP wallpaper on the reverse and the MS Paint-inspired tee.

"Every piece is intentional, and there is meaning behind each item in Hardwear," said Amanda O'Neal, director of multicultural and social communications at Microsoft.

"This campaign tested our comfortability and challenged us at times, but what pushed us forward was seeing the inclusion of diverse voices throughout the process and the unique perspectives on what drives those who want to improve themselves and the world around them, as well as what can distract people from progressing toward their goals," O'Neal added.

Mathieu is the founder and creative director of Supervsn, a Los Angeles-based studio that focuses on creating "thought provoking products, content, and experiences that inspire creativity."

The Hardwear line isn't cheap, but such is often the case with designer clothing. The cheapest item, the Hardwear hat, will set you back $45, while t-shirts are priced at $60 apiece. A green Hardwear utility jacket commands $135.

All pieces are available to pre-order in a variety of sizes and are slated to start shipping in early August.

Those seeking more affordable Microsoft swag can check out the Xbox Gear Shop where you'll find hundreds of officially licensed products, many of which start under $20. Microsoft also has its ugly holiday sweater line that's likely due for a refresh later this year.

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That’s a bit too pricey for a hate gift. I mean, you wouldn’t actually buy that for yourself, right? Right? O.o


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Agreed. Had they pulled their heads out of their a**es and priced it in reality, maybe I would consider getting something for the cool factor.

IMHO, while the prices are high, go check out fanatics or any other "fan" clothing site. All that **** is really expensive because it's "got to have merch". Problem with this stuff is it's really not got to have. Even the one t-shirt with the XP wallpaper on it is kind of ugly, and the other stuff? Other than the little Hardware logo here and there it's pretty much the same sort of cloths you can get any place. So, yeah, hard pass for me.