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Microsoft announces Xbox One on sale November for $499

By Jesse · 20 replies
Jun 10, 2013
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  1. Today at E3, Microsoft revealed that the new Xbox One console will launch with a price tag of $499 in November of this year. This price is higher than Microsoft’s previous consoles’ launch price, but is in line with expectations...

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  2. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,050   +1,384

    Lets discuss a PC we can build for $499. In which I can get the same games dramatically cheaper (a few months after release anyway) and play it offline as much as I want.

    I might just switch to PS for console gaming...if it has party chat! thats all I want!
  3. I was going to type 'inb4PCcomparison', but I see I was just a few minutes slow.

    Anywho, MS had a decent press conference, all things considered. This is still Sony's game to lose, but there were a few One titles that look like they'll be pretty good (Forza 5, Spark, and potentially Ryse -- if it isn't filled with QTEs like in the press demo).
  4. Anybody that buys this console is Microsoft's b**ch because it's about controlling how and when you can use it.
  5. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,877

    Thats right!! lol

    Message to buyers.
    Go ahead and bend over because Microsoft will be visiting daily.
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  6. What I love about the UK pricing is that it will be $500 converted to £500 then throw on vat just to fatten it up some more. And for this epic fail from M$...

    Worst of all is the Amazon uk preorder, of £600. It is like, here, preorder at £600 now, and we will refund you the difference should the price lower. And people are hating the price, but the M$ fans and those that think they know it all are all shouting how its not the final price its fine to pre order you wont be paying that much...

    IF everyone was to be happy preordering they wont drop the price to the £300 that it should be saving you £300, no you will be paying £570, saving £30. Why would they lower it any more if at all when you are happy to put up your £600. They will take you for every penny for this doomed to fail nasty black box.

    It should be just that. The final black box data recorder of M$ crash and burn, and removal from the console world. But then the 360 should of nailed that coffin.
  7. I've never really understood international pricing structures with products like this.
    $499 = £320 = €376 right now.
  8. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 2,147   +1,315

    Microsoft is counting on the ignorance of gamers to buy this console and put up with the changes. It's going to be interesting because after the kiddies force their mommies to buy them one, does the mature average gamer really need or want a new console?
    Is 7850 type power really worth all of the trouble? I dropped $400 on my Reach LE 360S and I have no plans on getting a new console anytime soon. I still have to get my money out of my current consoles.
    Being online and/or "needing" the connect just doesn't sit well with me. I play by the rules, have a good job and could give a flying f*** if Uncle Sams goonies are watching me play with myself ( I have private powerfully encrypted "offline" rigs they could never track anyways, f*****s") ) but I guess I am a little old school and don't like anything being forced.
  9. drjekel_mrhyde

    drjekel_mrhyde TS Rookie Posts: 101   +7

    Price is not bad considering we're in the age of $600 phones that people buy to use for one-1.5 years and toss it for what's new.
    SantistaUSA likes this.
  10. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,482   +978

    Let us see what the PS4 will offer tonight @ 9PM EST :D. I hate how Battlefield 4 is exclusive to the Xbox One, even though BF3 is played the least on xbox. MS greediness...
  11. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,877

    I'm tempted to say that might change.
  12. taimuraly

    taimuraly TS Booster Posts: 113

    uhmm... think you are mistaken with thinking BF4 is exclusive to a system.

  13. Nice justification, a higher price because it includes the kinect. Thanks MS.
  14. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,482   +978

  15. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,376   +72

    I know phones cost a lot, but I don't buy those expensive ones and I think a price of $300 is more in line with the crappy graphics consoles have. A Ferrari is expensive too; haven't seen one in years. Why include Kinect, Microsoft? And they aren't allowing Indie games either? One positive thing is it's blu ray, something I read in numerous places it wasn't going to have. Guess blu ray isn't dead after all.
  16. To retort over international pricing. Uk prices are high because the government to take a lot of cream off the top. Rip-off britain. Lazy people just substitute the $ sign for £ then chuck vat on top. What can you do eh?
  17. Benny26

    Benny26 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,377   +67

    Even when the UK VAT is added to a converted $499, that quoted price is still higher than it should be.

    £300 was a shocker of a price for the PS3 when it first came, so £429 for a console that's getting a serious bad rep for it's "features" even before it's been released is just unbelievable from Microsoft in my opinion.
  18. Heihachi1337

    Heihachi1337 TS Rookie Posts: 49   +11

    I really want Microsoft to fail miserably.
    The beginning of the end came with Windows Phone 7, and was followed by Windows 8 and the horrible Metro UI. Microsoft just keeps cranking out some real winners here.....
  19. People should get one thing straight, MS will never ever fail. They are to big to fail, similar to the banks. MS OS is used by so many in the world, governments use them. In time things may change and the likes of Apple and Googles OS's may very well be the next OS the world uses but not any time soon. MS dominates that category but a big margin and even though they lose ground here and there, there place in the world is here to stay for a very long time. So let it go, MS isn't going anywhere.
    MS is like every company out there, they are no different. They are trying to make money. Not so long ago, Sony was head of the table with no one really challenging them. They charged what most seemed at the time was crazy pricing but they still sold. Sold like crazy too for the PS2. Sold so well, it lasted 10 years and will probably go down as the greatest selling console ever. Actually, I think it already has but was just making a point lol.
    Both MS and Sonys consoles will sell well, doesn't matter which one costs more or if its worth it. Kids want what they both have and both are going to make alot of money this time around, barring nothing really major is wrong with the console.
    Everyone could make valid points as to why Sony maybe better but is it really? IMO no. Was Xbox360 all that better than the PS3 like some believe. Not really. You could also reverse that and say was PS3 all that better than the 360, again not really. Both had there pro and cons. MS had the ring of death(I never go that issue) and $50-$60 online for a year. PS3 had bad developer support in the beginning, later to the gen war and the killing blow was the disater year with all the hacking that took place.
    Lets not forget that PS4 online isn't free anymore. You have to pay for PS+. Now it still maybe cheaper than MS but MS has a great online experince. Will Sony now have a great online service, we will soon see. BTW, just cause it was free doesn't make it better or anything else, cause it wasn't great, it was just free.
    People think the price will be the deciding factor, it won't be. Sony was more expensive than MS last time. Now both are coming out around the same time(PS4 no official release date) and this time(at least for now) MS is more expensive. All that has happened is both have consoles people like and want. For those who can wait it out, by Spring of '14, there will likely be a price cut, more so if Sony is winning. MS will drop it's price for competetive sake. If MS sells well(which I think both consoles will) may take up to 6 months or more likely a year for the first price drop.
  20. Was the PS3 better than the Xbox360. It tried to set a bar, new architecture that no one wanted to get aboard with, not when the xbox360 was making them lazy with shoddy ports.

    The PS3 was released with rechargeable everything, with a better menu system, and store, even the psn plus the equivelant to ms gold membership, gave you plenty of free games for your hard earned cash. MS gave you nothing, and only now do they decide to copy sony once more.

    For its bang for buck the ps3 was amazing. But developers let it down, and to be fair sony let it down by building something no one wanted to explore and exploit the full potential. Sad.

    The Xbox360 was cheap nasty and kids loved it due its many games, cause they have no clue about good ports and value for money they just want to be with their friends online, which yes, is why ms cant lose, cos people dont check what they get for their cash anymore, and people here will disagree but if you are nerdy and anal about every spec then youre not the cash cow ms and sony are targetting. So I do agree with the above poster, but not that the xbox was better. No.

    Price wise, the UK are being slapped hard. IMO. $670 is the asking price. £420. Anyone in the states happy to chuck $670 at a console that is going to suck?
    The PS4 will be £350 or $455 roughly. I know which one is beckoning me. IF I decide anyone deserves my money anymore.
  21. taimuraly

    taimuraly TS Booster Posts: 113

    To my understanding, the Battlefield 4 DLCs exclusivity would be similar to how it is right now on the PS3. The PS3 received BF3 DLCs a week, or maybe more, earlier than people on the XBOX did. Now the XBOX One will receive BF4 DLCs earlier.

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