Microsoft apparently beat Dell to the punch with its Surface Studio PC

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft last week introduced the world to the Surface Studio, a 28-inch all-in-one (AIO) designed primarily for professional content creators. The star of the show, however, may have been Microsoft’s new input accessory, the Surface Dial.

In retrospect, Microsoft couldn’t have asked for a better reception. From demanding a standalone Surface Studio monitor to declaring Microsoft now in charge of the kingdom, it seems that everyone is swooning over Microsoft’s new AIO.

Everyone, that is… except Dell which apparently has been working on a very similar product for a couple of years now.

In November of 2014, Dell published a blog post discussing a concept it called the smart desk. Designed for the same target audience at Microsoft’s Surface Studio, the smart desk features an “interactive zone” that combines LCD touchscreens with “innovations in user experience.” Dell even has its own dial-style selection tool, a concept that’s so similar to Microsoft’s that it makes you wonder if the two companies had collaborated on the idea at some point.

Dell promises to share more on its smart desk concept at CES 2017 in January.

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Uncle Al

TS Evangelist
Both certainly have their place. I like the SURFACE over the iPad for it's versatility, but when it gets down to numbers crunching or CAD work, I'm going back to my desktop with the oversize monitors. From my point of view it's like those people that constantly ask me "what's the best camera to buy". My only sensible answer can be "what's the job?" Digital cameras are very good, but they cannot hold a candle to an 8x10 or 12x20 view camera and of course, nobody in their right mind would carry the later around on vacation considering their 10 to 50 pound weights.


TS Evangelist
This just feels like a "me too" product - and still just in concept phase too.

Plus, switching my eyes up and down between screens would be annoying. It is not like 'back and forth' where the other screens are already in your peripheral vision.


Doesn't matter it'll likely be a buggy mess with either companies anyway.