Microsoft exec all but confirms that Windows 10 Mobile is dead

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Oct 9, 2017
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  1. While most people know that Window’s 10 Mobile is clinging on to the smartphone market for dear life, Microsoft hasn’t been very forthcoming in addressing the situation. But one of its execs has now clarified its position: Windows on mobile is no longer a focus for the company.

    Joe Belfiore, the Corporate vice president of Windows 10 and head of Microsoft's "PC-Tablet-Phone" division, said that although Windows on mobile would continue to be supported through bug fixes, security patches etc. — mostly for the benefit of enterprise customers who still use the platform — building new features and hardware wasn’t a priority.

    Windows 10 mobile has struggled to make an impact in an industry dominated by Android and iOS. According to analytics group NetMarketShare, Windows Phones account for just 0.87 percent of the total market, while iOS boasts 32.24 percent and Android leads with 65.53 percent.

    It seems Windows 10 Mobile's biggest problem was that Microsoft couldn’t convince developers to write apps for the platform, despite trying “very hard” by offering them incentives. Belfiore tweeted that the number of Windows 10 Mobile users is “too low for most companies to invest.” Even Belfiore admits he switched to Android for the app and hardware diversity.

    The announcement does leave a question mark over the long-rumored Surface Phone. CEO Satya Nadella hinted at its development late last year when he talked about Microsoft redefining the field with the “ultimate mobile device.” There are rumors, however, that the company will launch a new “mobile” device next year that will run Windows Core OS, a customizable version of Windows 10.

    The news comes just days after HP confirmed it would no longer be making any more Elite X3 handsets, which was one of the best Windows 10 phones available.

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  2. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,689   +302

    Which reaction should I respond with first? (depending on which side of this you are on...)

    They are admitting to having taken away customization options from Windows?


    They've taken customization options out of Windows?

    Couldnt even tell. (⌐■_■)

    Edit: Sorry, I'm bored, and no this is not a serious comment... so don't read into it.
  3. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,565   +1,706

    I really wish windows mobile caught on, it's my favorite mobile OS. I had to switch to android because of an APP I had to use for work
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  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,899   +1,273

    LOL - Funny as heck!! The GUI from the phone was coerced to the desktop user and then - - the mobile device being dropped.

    IMO, the saving grace for the Win/10 desktop is all the enterprise users, as I certainly doubt a home user would elect this GUI by choice.

    {we all know I'm no fan of MS$}
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  5. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,279

    "mostly for the benefit of enterprise customers who still use the platform".
    Which two might those be?
  6. Mighty Duck

    Mighty Duck TS Booster Posts: 102   +47

    I hope this means no more forcing a tablet GUI into us desktop users (I've had to relearn where all the settings are in this "simpler-for-regular-users" OS).
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  7. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,052   +1,366

    ive started using Classic Shell lately and while the setings menus are still a bit wierd, its been incredibly nice to have my start menu like that again. I didnt have an issue with the windows 10 start menu until I started using classic shell.
  8. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 10,224   +4,149

    Why am I not surprised? Because MS will kill off anything within 2 to 4 years. How do you expect anyone to follow you, if you kick them to the curb after only a few years? If there was a suitable replacement to Windows, MS would die an instant death.
  9. Cubi Dorf

    Cubi Dorf TS Member Posts: 54   +21

    It too bad Microsoft gives up. I did not have Microsoft phone, but I think they could do great job and do better over Apples and Androids . They should start fast and simple operating system for phone and not try to put full desktop OS. They have expertise, they just need to not be lazy. Phone need to be efficient. No live tiles. Just make it snappy and works. Phone should not do a lot in background just save the battery. Settings should also be more obvious what they do and better organize and not need iTune to get files to the phone. And should give you security updates in timely manner and not require third party that don't care to update the software. If it is more efficient on battery and data usage and doesn't need to track me then I will probably like. I don't care about app catalog much I only use few apps. It should not be hard for Microsoft to do better than others if they tried. Thank you have a nice day.
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  10. JaredTheDragon

    JaredTheDragon TS Maniac Posts: 365   +233

    Not surprising, but still terrible news for those of us in the WinPhone camp. I was just saving up enough money for the Alcatel Idols 4S or an Elite X3, but maybe I'll just get a used Lumia Icon to hold me over until... Whenever.

    The UI was so far ahead of Android and iOS, maybe people just weren't ready for that kind of flexibility. Or maybe people still just love icons and don't understand LiveTiles. But all it really comes down to is that MS threw us under the bus, yet again. They never brought the 950 to Verizon and purposely "threw the game".

    I mean, how hard is it just to make a phone with Windows 10 on it? That was the whole point of Win8 anyway, to make Windows work better for touchscreens.
  11. complexxL9

    complexxL9 TS Booster Posts: 60   +12

    I loved windows phone, I also loved the whole idea of unified OS across devices. Shame the app gap was too big.
  12. LeroN

    LeroN TS Member Posts: 57   +21

    shame that brains of devs and marketologists were too small. Their approach is from Android implies making many small meaningless applications. There are no giants to raise something really complicate.
  13. lazer

    lazer TS Booster Posts: 146   +29

    It was bad, bad and bad; never made it to Android or iOS.

    A non tech savy friend bought one from a devious sales person who conned him saying it was the newest and best thing. After a few weeks he realized there was no Google store apps and he could do very little that I could do.

    Poor chap, taken in by Mirco$lop's love of money and lousy tech skills...
  14. Kytetiger

    Kytetiger TS Rookie

    My two cents:
    Microsoft aknoledge that smartphone's market is bigger than pc now. They said it when they prioritize software (office 365 and suite on iOS), yet they refused to maintain a presence in the market (what are the last 5 winphone that came out ? I goes back 1 or 2 years ago!), it's like they sabotage themself and cries afterward that there is no market and no app (yet dev are present on the win10 market). It's been 2 years that we are waiting for a SurfacePhone, (meanwhile Nokia managed to announce his come back, and lunch a line-up).

    Microsoft really need to get his things straight.
    (I had 4 android and yet each time afterward, I chose to get back a WinPhone).
  15. mmd nmvr

    mmd nmvr TS Member Posts: 16   +11

    I'm still using a Lumia 730. I love how the UI looks but the apps JUST F**CKING SUCK. The main reason wp is dead (actually the only reason) is because of MS. Volume of users too low? Is there even a decent phone for users to buy?
    And with all the stupid limitations the OS has? How can devs make decent apps?
    Don't have the money right now, but I'll get a Nokia 6 as soon as I can.

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