Microsoft finalizes $8.5 billion Skype deal


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Microsoft has formally closed its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype today, giving the software giant a major foothold in the growing market for Internet telephony services. Starting today Skype will…

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I love it. I can't wait for Skype to be fully integrated across Windows, Windows Live, Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7 (and of course every other platform it already supports).
I remember how pissed I was when Microshaft ruined Hotmail when they bought that. It still sucks. I hope they don't do the same to Skype but have my doubts. hopefully someone else will step up with an open venue do-all even better replacement by the time the MBAs finish ruining it.


If Skype turn out to be as bloated as Windows Life Messenger, I'll search for an alternative.
Very old versions of MSN were simple an sleek. Now look at it, banners and ton of features that you don't use and make you feel like a 12 year old.

Skype is already going in the wrong direction for me. Since the last few versions the interface is prettier, but more incomprehensible. Hell I can't even shut it down other then forcing it via the item tray.

I fear things might get worse.


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As long as it remains free, it doesn't really make a difference who owns Skype. I just use it to keep in touch with my brother and sister who live and work in different countries. As to closing down Skype, I've always done that using the program icon in the system tray after closing the main program window. It has been that way since I started using Skype and long before Microsoft became interested in acquiring Skype.


I think Microsoft will end up using Skype for it's consumer based products and use Lync for it's business based poducts, with a connector between them.