Microsoft "indoctrinating" Best Buy employees

By Matthew ยท 46 replies
Sep 10, 2009
  1. Really? Has the author never seen partner marketing materials? Having worked in software for many years, I can assure you that every software vendors tells their resellers and partners why their products are better. And it's all in marketing-speak, which is to say stretches the truth to put their own products in the best light. Nothing to see here... move on...
  2. MaXtor

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    @windmill007: Thanks for the laugh. Obviously you know nothing about Linux. Great job proving to everyone that you're a naive and ignorant Windows user.
  3. Please. Yes, it's basically an Ad. Having worked for one of those major electronics retailers, EVERYTHING the Company reps give you in an Ad.

    Microsoft's training is no different than anything any of the other sales reps give retail employees.

    I'm really quite surprised the author didn't mention the fact that the retail employees "earn" free stuff by taking Microsoft Online courses. Not that crap you'd expect either XBox games, Computer Accessories, etc.

    Besides, was anything in that "training" provably false?

    You can hack linux to do some of those things, like play WoW, but if I could get Windows XP running on my cell phone, I could probably play Wow from there too.

    I'm not a Microsoft Fanboi, sure it's got it's faults and it's driven by greed, but I still think the faults are scant compared to Linux's.
  4. Thomas is that you? I thought your mom grounded you, when did you get off?
  5. That's just sad and sort of funny, but they are hoping to get Windows7 on as many netbooks as they can. I use Ubuntu and would never go back, personally, but each to his own, eh? If Linux is so bad, why are they spending so much money to scare people away, though? Because people are realizing that Macs are too expensive and Windows sucks. I don't care how many compatible devices there are- updates, antivirus, antispam is tiresome to me- one should not be in a high state of anxiety about their computer. Every time I have to boot up my Windows PC at work, and wait for all the crap to load and popups to tell me what needs updating I thank the Lord I found Linux.
  6. MaXtor

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    For anyone who thinks Linux is still in the stone age, you couldn't be more wrong. If that was true, why is Microsoft training people who sell their products to bad mouth Linux? Surely if Linux was that bad, anyone who tried it would run back to the store and buy Windows. So why is Microsoft worried about losing customers? It's simple, Linux offers everything that Windows offers, but for free. It uses less resources, so it runs better. Another bonus is that you don't have to buy a Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, or any Anti-Malware program, the Operating System is already secure. You don't even have to buy Microsoft Office because Linux offers free and complete alternatives to Microsoft Office. There's a free alternative program for 99% of all your Windows programs that you'd normally have to pay for.
    The only downside to using Linux is that if you're a gamer, it takes a bit of work to get games running. The reason for that is Microsoft owns DirectX, so DirectX needs to be emulated on Linux. If any Windows users are interested in testing out a Linux distribution, I recommend trying Ubuntu. Wubi was recently released which allows you to install Ubuntu as if it was a Windows program, then when you restart your computer you can select which Operating System you wish to boot into. I think this is great as it makes it so much easier for newcomers to test out Linux. You can find Wubi here:
    If you're new to Linux, to prevent any surprises I highly recommend reading the following article before trying Linux:
  7. Amen. Ubuntu install is quick and easy. Fast boot time and great security. Great selection of software. I love it!
  8. Oh, for Heaven's sake! Who cares? I'm surprised some clown hasn't brought Apple into the fray yet. Or maybe they have, I stopped reading all this tripe. Get a life!
  9. brucethetech

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    I dont remeber swiping my debit card when i logged in to

    Best Buy Employees do not work off of commission

    I think this has turned into another dreaded Windows vs. Linux board.
  10. LinkedKube

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    And yet we in this thread alone can walk into any BestBuy and know more about their own products than their own staff. I didnt even know they had formal training. On the note of Win vs Linux, I love some aspects of Linux, havnt tried 7, so I'll stay reserved.
  11. captaincranky

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    Did anyone ever notice the the M$ corporation is like the weather? Everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.

    Any even when they do, M$ just appeals the decision.
  12. MaXtor

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    I should have been more clear. I'm referring to official support, which is where most novice users will turn to for assistance.
  13. Michael Schmidt

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    This is not the first time M$ has engaged in questionable business practices. How many lawsuits have they lost? I ran OS/2 until IBM quit supporting it and it wasn't until XP that Windows had an equivalent system in terms of things like stability and multi-threading. I've run Ubuntu for about 3 years now and do not own any M$ products. I would never go back.
    Some of the comments here appear to be from those indoctrinated by M$ in that they reflect an extraordinary degree of ignorance about Linux. Here's some scoop. Linux has been on the cutting edge of OS technology in many ways - multiprocessor support, advanced disk systems (ext3, ext4), and now USB 3.0. Ubuntu is working towards a goal of a 10-second boot up in the next year or two. Unlike Windows, the desktop is separate from the OS so GUI problems don't crash the whole shebang. Development in Linux is progressing rapidly and appears more aimed at improving functionality than impressing the masses with needless bells and whistles. Because Linux is efficient, you can resurrect older PCs that no longer run well with the newest Windows resource hog systems. Linux security is all about protecting the user, not protecting M$ from being hacked. Hardware compatibility has been an issue because OEMs have ignored Linux, but this is improving rapidly. Gutenprint makes printer incompatibility rare indeed. The OS and core applications are free, meanwhile M$ is trying to figure out how to get people to rent software rather than own it. And to the one poster - yes WINE is free (and it works!). Lots of good software is available. Did I mention it is free?
    My biggest complaint about Ubuntu is it is boring. Installation is fast and easy. No firewall breaches. No viruses. No registry repair. No disk defrag. No slowing down. No fragments left on the computer after software uninstall. No blue screen of death. All OS and software updates come from a single repository and are installed automatically with a click and a password; and you don't have to reboot unless the kernel is updated. No checks to make sure you have a valid copy of the software. Ubuntu just runs day in and day out.
  14. MaXtor

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    Thank you for that, Michael Schmidt. Well said. I have nothing to add. :)
  15. SNGX1275

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    No support for Hauppage PVR-150, 250, 350, 500 tuner cards. At least none without you looking at individual chips on your tuner card and getting files for them, following instructions you find online, which you will find hundreds of, all slightly different, all for a different distro, or different kernel, or different versions of whatever files you are trying to get. Sure this is Hauppage's fault, but a lot of us have those cards.

    With a lot of time and research one can figure out how to get it working reasonably well, but even at that I question how close that resembles what "works good" for it in Windows.

    Linux isn't the fairytale world you are trying to paint it as. Sure it works great for people that have very little interaction with MS Office documents, no need for specific Windows programs, and no need to do things other than browse the web, check email, IM people, and don't mind working at 800x600 resolution. It also works well for people that are willing to spend a lot of time to learn linux commands. Most people on this board fit between the first type of person I described, and the second.
  16. red1776

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    how do you know that...and care to enumerate them? fact is, the most successful are always targets as they are cash cows for the less successful.

    no I don't many? see above.

    that's so subjective its not even relevant

    surely you jest...

    ummm what?

    #1 a year or two? LOLOL
    #2 so what?! if a yugo starts when its ten below...its still a yugo
    #3 checked out Win 7?? it comes real close...oh wait

    then how would you know?

    #4 what do you need with a 10 second boot for there Batman?

    you mean like features and the aforementioned functionality that most of us use?

    oh Windows 7 that can be easily run on a Pentium 3 and 1Gb og ram?....oh wait, you cant know this as you ..

    Pleeeeeeze, nothings free. do you really think your "free Linux would exist if it wasn't for M$??
    why would you need a validation check for "free software" ?

    yeah, so did the trains under Mussolini...oh they didn't.

    You work for FSF don't you?
  17. LinkedKube

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    sngx and one of those people are myself and my brother, Linux has it sure fire uptown parade aspects for server management, but windows...kind meh, ho*y sh*t I didnt get it right.
  18. This guy that likes windows 7 is probably a microsoft employee. Has he seen the news about the fatal flaws in windows 7? F#@k micr*s*ft and F#@K Bill G@tes. Did you know that Mr. Bill is a firm believer, and big supporter of Eugenics? Yep. If you don't know what eugenics is then look it up. Scary. Microsoft.
  19. fatal flaws in windows 7. check it out.

    This is a good one: "windows 7 made for hackers" haha
  20. pmshah

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    I feel sorry for your employer. It is easy to assume that you have have never done any kind of work other than using one of those graphical RAD tools. Probably have never seen a text mode window!
    In a sense you are right, Linux is like Windows 3.1, actually you can include even win98 in that the gui is riding on top of text based OS, ala Unix. But there the comparison ends.
    If you were to dig deeper there are a whole lot of M$ included utilities which require you to open a command prompt window to work or they will work only on reboot - BEFORE the graphical interface loads. Even at installation time (Win XP instance) a lot happens before the GUI is mounted.
    But then you wouldn't know about it since there would be a whole lot of admins and maintenance technicians in your place of work to take care of this business.
  21. Well, at least its not as bad as Apple Training.
  22. Nitroburner77

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    I would believe your paragraph 10 or maybe even 5 years ago, but not today. Linux is already as easy to use as Windows and already outshines Windows and Mac in terms of performance. Drivers are generally a piece of cake unless it's an oddball piece of hardware. As far as older hardware goes, you have better luck getting drivers for Linux than you do getting them to install in Windows.

    Most distros of Linux have a pretty nifty update manager that works as well as Windows. Most major Linux software including the OS itself is updated more regularly than Windows or Mac software. This has been a complaint by some MS lovers that fail to realize these aren't "security updates," they are software revisions. Big difference. Linux isn't set on a 5 year life cycle with a couple major updates in between.

    I'm not a Linux expert and I have no problems installing or downloading things for Linux. Granted, it is different than Windows. Windows will let you double-click and install anything you want: software, games, drivers (unless it's 64bit), trojans, malware, whatever.

    With you being in IT, I would have figured you would be relatively well versed considering Linux machines and Linux Live discs can save and fix Windows boot and partition problems that any version of Windows would shrug its shoulders and advise a format. As a bonus, Linux can freely recover deleted files that you would have to buy a program for on Windows to do the same thing. Not to mention even newer Linux distros can bring back to life older hardware that would crawl under Windows.
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