Microsoft is rolling premium features into Office 365

David Matthews

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Microsoft launched Premium last year with features such as ad removal and custom domains. Unfortunately, those premium features were locked behind a $49.95/year paywall. Microsoft is now killing Premium and simply rolling those features into Office 365.

The good news is that if you’re already subscribed to Office 365, you’ll automatically receive the upgrade. Along with being advertisement-free, subscribers will also get access to a bevy of other premium features.

Office 365 Personal and Home subscribers will see an increase to their mailbox storage, from 12GB to 50GB, and have access to complementary top tier customer support. Security-wise, the upgrade includes enhanced e-mail scanning for attachments along with real-time checking of links to deter phishing attempts. Unfortunately, if you weren’t already an Premium member, you won’t get access to custom domains. Microsoft is working on a solution that'll allow you to “transfer your domain to other providers.”

Microsoft says that while they have already begun rolling the features into Office 365 Home and Personal, the process for updating all accounts will take about a month. Regardless, the addition of Premium features into Office 365 is a welcome change to a subscription that arguably offers quite a lot for $10 per month.

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Uncle Al

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My only argument is that their price structure does not include a minimum grade that would cost just $10 per year for scholars, retired people, etc. It is the reason that I'm still using my old version of office from 2010, but frankly, it does everything I need so why bother switching???


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$20 for an ad-free experience? Why the hell should anyone pay not to see ad's? It's insulting. Just use an ad blocker. If it works and you like what it does, you can donate (often optional) how ever much you feel like to the devs.