Microsoft killed cross-platform project because PC gamers wrecked console gamers

By Matthew ยท 114 replies
Jul 22, 2010
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  1. To me, it's not about which is best... it's about how I want to play the game. Mouse and keyboard is superior to a pad in every way, but it has one major drawback... you have to be at your computer desk! Sometimes I wanna just lean back in the couch with a pad in my hands, playing games on the big screen. Actually I prefer it.

    That being said, I wouldn't wanna have to compete against mouse/keyboard players while "weilding" a pad myself. Take Resident Evil 5 as an example (even though it's co-op). You can play the game with a mouse and keyboard or you can play with a pad. My friend always use mouse/keyboard and I prefer the pad. He'll kill pretty much everything and I'll unload into empty air, screwing up my hit percentage and thereby lowering my score (which is listed at the end of every chapter).

    Playing 1st person and 3rd person shooters with a pad will never been optimal, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! And my butt does prefer the soft couch compared to the torture device of a office chair that I'm using at my computer desk.

  2. I think Nintendo could benefit most from the fps games in the future. Imagine playing Call of Duty when you're holding the controllers like an actual gun. Only problem I'd see is straffing and 180's. But ya the demo's I've seen of console users are just not fluid movements.
  3. Richy2k9

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    LOL, this is still alive ....oops sorry!

    hello ...

    @ Guest - on July 26, 2010 12:51 AM - SONY already made this & it's call the MOVE ;) ...

    in fact for console gamers to match a little the precision of the M&K combo, better use controller-less settings, the 3 major actors are already on the path of making it more interesting for their hardcore gamers, let the WII-motion plus, but was quite good with resident evil, MS with Kinnect still doesn't show a good 1-1 recognition but next gen may be great if they have the hardware to max it out. SONY showed with SOCOM 4, that it's possible so why not after all.

    WOW, this thread is still ON, LOL, but i guess like as usual i'm the one posting last ;)

  4. dummybait

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    uh... derka derka... my PC has a 52 inch sony hooked to it... i play on my couch as well
  5. treetops

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    My little brother was right, he always said people playing pc fps games had a huge advantage or console gamers with there mouse and keyboard.

    Over not or what the hell still sleepy, furthermore I feel retarded playing mow2 on my xbox 360. But to be fair I have only had it a week. This must be why I suck yeah uh I blame the controller!
  6. I did the same thing and they agreed with me, big shocker
  7. teklord

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    Halo 2 Vista has advantage when using Xbox 360 controller because of auto aim. I love using it for that game! :D
  8. agreed, fps on consoles just sucks, I tried cod4 once and damn, that was terrible even after hours playing it just can't match a good mouse and a keyboard.
  9. I hope that the next-gen consoles allow keyboard+mouse input or some sort of keyboard-like device+mouse, even if you are forced to buy a licensed peripheral. You can buy a $150 fight stick for fight games and noone in the community complains about it being unfair, so why should FPS players get stuck with an inferior gamepad?
  10. I remember the old Dreamcast Quake allowed you to play online against pc players, and everything was cool...then about 2 weeks later, the damn pc players started cheating and hacking. Invisibility, invincibility, all that crap.
  11. I could without a doubt go against atleast 20 console gamers in Quake3 and beat them till they cry and i 'll make sure they will buy a PC afterwards.
    1vs20 console gamers = me win without dying.
    but controlers isnt the only thing that lacks on Console games... tactical gameplay is none existent on Consoles, well.. only halo maybe a little bit with Capture the flag.. to be fair = )

    I 'm a hardcore PC gamer, but man i so hope Sony or Microsoft will ad keyboard and mouse option if they ever make a new console.. there are a few great games on consoles but the only thing that makes me not wanting to play them is cause of the controller.

    PS3 has keyboard and mouse with one game on the ps3.. unreal3 but you can only use 2 buttons on your mouse and only like 6 buttons on keyboard :s What the **** ?

    I have read alot of comments today about this issue and there are some retards saying i bet pro mw2 players would beat the **** out of a casual pc gamer in MW2.. probably not, i have never seen a pro console gamer STRAFE while they shoot.. all they do in forward and shoot.

    Anyway cya, worthless microsoft.
  12. I think crossplatform should be enabled just because some players with X-box 360 actually want to play with PC owners. Some want more challenge and some just want to play each other because their friends own different platform. It should be a free choice of the game owner not Microsofts choice. Ofcourse most people disagree and they start to argue what about the pc owners they play with keyboard and mouse, they have huge benefit. So what? if it's a free choice to play with pc owners it should be no problem. Theres always a benefit or unbenefit from different gaming devices, a bigger screen, maybe a whining wife or husband. And xbox 360 owners can actually use keyboard and mouse too. So what's the big deal? You can not ever play with as equal environment as anyone else. It should be a free choice for anyone who owns the game.
  13. Benny26

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    A mouse and keyboard doesn't tend to be very good when playing Sonic or Streets of Rage :D

    The controller will never die!
  14. @Guest July 22 2010 5:55pm -

    A gaming PC won't cost $2000, more like under $700 if you do it right, and upgrading components, considering you can sell your old components to subsidize the cost. Also you're allowed to upgrade your graphics on a PC as often as you like instead of waiting for a $400-500 revision every half decade. (Which may be more expensive than some PC gamers who keep their PCs up to date).

    Plus, I've had my mouse and keyboard for over a decade. Remember when a PS1 controller would work on a PS2? Well, now controllers cost 50 a pop and old ones can't be used.

    Let's not even get into games which (ignoring piracy) are the same price at launch but cheaper in the long run (for instance, the <$5 or <$10 specials on Steam are never seen in stores. When L4D2 was $6, it was still at least $20 at Best Buy. Same was true for Bioshock when I picked it up for $5. Borderlands for $12.). Plus, imagine if I wanted to play Metroid Prime again. I more or less have to have uber stats and it still has trouble emulating on Dolphin (tho I haven't tried in a year) or I have to own a GameCube or Wii. In 10 years when they're as old as N64 is now, they'll be harder and harder to find, memory cards will begin to break, controllers will wear down, and everything will be proprietary. My NES still runs. My SNES still runs. Even my N64 still runs. I've started having problems with my GameCube. My friend's Xbox worked for 3 years and finally died. How long do you expect an Xbox or PS3 to last? 10 years? 20 years? I still play A Link to the Past and Sonic the Hedgehog. All my PC games run and if I keep the discs nice or backed up, they'll last as long as the install media does, and they'll run on any machine (64 bit Windows can still have a 32-bit VM with 3D acceleration play 3.1/95 games, XP games when the day comes). DOSbox can run 3.1 games, which shows hope for emulators when we start emulating x86 in 20 years, yes?
  15. I would love to see some proper mouse support for racing games. When you need precision, nothing beats a mouse... only thing better is an actual steering wheel.
  16. Not sure why they even wasted time testing controllers against mouse and keyboard, that's a pretty obvious conclusion. Of course your going to have more control and accuracy when your using your whole wrist and hand rather than your thumbs.

    You want a test, take console gamers and put them on a PC against PC players and then reverse it. Everyone is going to have a preference that there good at depending on how much they play on either one. These kind of gaming arguments only fuel nerdrage and make people think there dicks are bigger than others.
  17. [QUOTE}@ Johny47 Uhh, No. I don't know what **** you're smoking but you're blatantly wrong. Gaming started on the Console and always has been the best. Who the hell would want to spend $2000 on a PC and upgrade it every other week just to play games? No-one in their right mind. [END QUOTE]

    Sorry, but gaming started on the PC years before consoles were invented.
    I'm old school and have played games on Personal Computers as far back as the mid 70's when the commodore and Amiga were around. Then came the Apple II's and the XT's in the early 80's.
    No consoles then unless you went to an arcade in the late 70's.
  18. My favourite game to play with a digital joystick (up, down, left, right, fire) on a PC was/is BATS.
  19. Zilpha

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    Well if we are going back THAT far, they weren't even "PCs" then. What you are talking about were largely text based games that were menu driven, or games that you would use a paddle to play. Heck, there were even games you could play on your VCR! Now we're talkin!

    Some folks like the console experience. I'm one of those folks. There was nothing more satisfying to me than playing Pole Position on my Atari with what at the time was a rather large screen. Of course, I was a very small girl at the time, but things have largely remained the same. It's the living room experience as opposed to the office experience, and sometimes folks just want to relax with their games instead of constantly crunching numbers because we must must must win!!!!

    Gaming has turned into srs bizness.
  20. Mouse and Keyboard = FPS
    Hanheld Control Pad = All Other Games

    End Of Story.
  21. Nice job there Money$oft. Another "brilliant decision." Now I won't be getting CS:GO.
  22. OK... so taking a game that was originally for PC and taking it to xbox where it was never meant to be taken, (meaning not the same gameplay feel, which means alot in an fps) and using games like GoW which is a game for casual gamers not serious FPS players and saying xbox got destroyed... ya because that seems right, but not really... If they used MLG halo players and PC gamers and actually played a game meant for xbox and was developed for xbox and xbox lost then i would take this as news and would not try to fight it, but right now all i see are PC faggot fanboys who think this is a win when they beat a bunch of wannabe "competitive" casual players on xbox... ****ing sad PC ****ing sad.
  23. Route44

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    What are you, 6 years old? You are an emotional wreck over this to such a degree that you felt the need to vent the rage of your console fanboyism?! Seriously troll somewhere else.
  24. Zen

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    You want the next generation gaming consoles to support a "mouse" & "keyboard"? I'm confused, for I own a very nice older Playstation 2 system with just about all hardware available for the system, you might want to check out these two things, for I have these items, it might educate you a little.....

    Playstation 2 Keyboard

    Playstation 2 mouse

    You don't need to wait until the next generation systems comes up with this mouse and keyboard concept, it's been in effect for a good long while now! For me, my Playstation 2 totally feels like a regular PC game when using that keyboard & mouse, you almost don't know the difference. But to be honest, I personally prefer one of my two wireless Logitech controllers for game play! :)
  25. hell yeah pc all the way

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