Microsoft launches ad-free Bing for Schools, will award free Surface RT tablets in exchange...


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Microsoft has announced a new ad-free version of Bing aimed specifically at the education market. The initiative -- appropriately named Bing for Schools -- is launching as a pilot program and not only gives K-12 public and private schools in...

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Wow. That would be really innovative and a complete coup over Google if Google didn't already offer ad-free search, as well as a completely free (as in cost, data collection and ads) installation of Google Apps for Education. Something they have provided for years now. And MS is just getting around to it? And I don't think their online office suite is yet completely free for students.

This is quite a hard hitting article. Any actual reporting here or did you just take the MS flyer and go home?


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It's better than just chucking them away. If MS gave you one for free I'm sure you'd accept it. I know I would.
The only way I would except it would be with the intentions of replacing RT with a different OS. It would strictly be a hobby experience, otherwise I would have no use for it.


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I just hit Silver status with Bing Rewards. And I'm not interested in any of the rewards. lol

Should I go for gold status? :)