Microsoft Office 15 will touch mode for touchscreens

By KingAnna
Mar 20, 2012
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  1. Microsoft Office 15, which will be released concurrently with Windows 8 will support the so-called Agave-expansion, by which third-party software developers can use the special section, which allows sites to interact with documents. This will give some additional features in the program. Agave-extension programs will be supported by Excel 15, Word 15, Outlook 15, and Project Professional 15, as well as web applications, Excel, Outlook, and Mobile Outlook. The integration of the extensions will be implemented in three ways, bearing the names of Task Pane, Content and Contextual. The first way would put the extension number of the document - so users can easily get from the network for more information on the highlighted word or phrase. Using the Content, you can embed web pages in a document - this method is suitable to be inserted from YouTube videos or photo galleries. The method called Contextual will work with Outlook and is perfect for email and calendar.

    Such expansion will support HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and REST. Install them will be using Office Marketplace, as well as the downloading of third-party sites. The announcement is expected later this year.

    In this case the owners of systems without touch screens, wherein said treatment is useless, will not be able to use it. Thus, users of tablet PCs and other devices with a touchscreen will receive an additional option by activating the touch mode in Office 15 through a special button. Thus, Microsoft, in fact, continues to build a new paradigm with an emphasis on fast-growing market for tablets, which fits, and the expected release of Windows 8.

    It is also reported that the software package Microsoft Office 15, along with the applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will be loaded on the Windows-on-ARM devices, but these programs do not get the interface in the style of Metro, as other software for Windows 8 on the tablet. The final version of the product is expected by the end of this year. For more information go through

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