Microsoft Research shows off "HoloDesk" project

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Oct 21, 2011
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  1. Microsoft's research arm has adapted an Xbox 360 Kinect motion controller camera to create a 3D interactive environment. The project, dubbed "HoloDesk", gets about as close as you can to…

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  2. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,485   +45

    well that's pretty cool
  3. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    That is really cool.
  4. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    That is pretty cool. I have seen things similar at SIGgraph with cooking based theme. I recall a frying pan, virtual pan cakes and meats. Similar setup too, the beam splitter and such, but Kinect was not out at the time. Having such an instrument and with the processing power two years later, I bet the system that can be build are more robust.
  5. I am in awe!

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