Microsoft to host education-focused event in New York City next month

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Microsoft on Wednesday announced it will be hosting a media event in New York City early next month. The invite sent to members of the press includes the tagline, “Learn what’s next” and carries the #MicrosoftEDU tag, giving us a pretty good idea of what the event will focus on.

Details are scant and revolve more around what we aren’t likely to see unveiled.

Sources reportedly familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell Ars Technica that Microsoft won’t be showcasing a Surface Phone (that’s not a huge surprise but it’s worth putting out there nevertheless). What is a bit surprising, however, is that Microsoft isn’t planning to unveil the Surface Pro 5 at the event either.

The current Surface Pro 4 is a bit long in the tooth at this point, having arrived in late October 2015. The same can also be said about the Surface Book as the two machines launched on the same day but apparently neither will be getting a refresh at the event.

Instead, most believe we will see Microsoft unveil a new operating system called Windows 10 Cloud. Think of this as Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS – it’ll be a slim OS that’s limited to running apps from the Windows Store. There could also be a new bit of hardware to run Windows 10 Cloud, perhaps a lower-end Surface 4 type device.

The NYC event kicks off at 9 a.m. Eastern on May 2; no word yet on whether or not it’ll be streamed live over the Internet.

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There was a report that a Chinese firm was Manufacturing standard non removable screen Laptop that
would around 1000 USA dollars. if these rumors are true this could be the device that will debut on may 2nd.
a lot of people will buy this Microsoft laptop because they prefer this type of device over the 2 in 1 Surface
book and it is a cheaper product that the Surface book. 2 Surprise device could turn up the dual screen Surface mini tablet and the Surface smart phone but the best bets are they wont turn up until the fall 2017 show.