Microsoft to reduce Zune Pass subscription price?

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According to a report by Bloomberg, Microsoft might slash the price of its Zune Pass online music streaming service. Although the service is already a bargain, Redmond is up against fierce competition like Apple, who currently commands a vast majority of digital music sales. Apple and its legion of iPods also held 76% of the portable music player market in the first quarter, compared to 2% for Microsoft's Zune, according to NPD.

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They might be able to grab more of the market share if they marketed the Zune better. Heck I'd buy a Zune HD if I could, but they're currently only available in the US.


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It would be nice if it was actually available outside the US... like Canada. Until then, I couldn't give two farts about it.


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Yeah - what's with the limited availability - here in Africa we buy ipods even though we can't access music via itunes. It would be nice if the zune was sold here.


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I think the Zune services are going international with the release of Windows Phone 7, which will basically be phones + zune players. I would imagine the Zune Hardware itself will follow this when they release the Zune HD 2, which should be able to access the international WP7 app store.
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