Microsoft won't release Service Pack 2 for Windows 7

By Shawn Knight ยท 129 replies
Oct 24, 2012
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  1. Well, thx for the info, I did not know that Linux developers were so obsessed with open source. then yes this fact makes it almost impossible for Linux to become a replacement for windows or mac
  2. Sphynx

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    And Linux users wonder why some people called Linux a communist OS. Not that Linux is a communist OS because it isn't, but unfortunately, the Linux zealots act like communists, arguing that all software should be free and open source because proprietary software takes our freedom and is immoral to profit from selling software. Their arrogant attitude helped in fostering a very negative perception about Linux.

    I would not trust IObit products based in China, especially since they stole Malwarebytes database and who knows what else (see links below).

    IObit accused of stealing from Malwarebytes

    Malwarebytes Accuses, IObit Plays Dead
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  3. well, it is a wrong perception already. communism does not mean freedom as we possibly have more freedom in republics or democracy based ruling systems. I know communism to be a system of equality, not freedom. but I think Linux developers should understand that they also have to give people the *freedom* of buying or respecting the rights of proprietary software as they r going nowhere further like this.
  4. cchristian2099

    cchristian2099 TS Rookie

    I agree with this whole post Microsoft is being not fare to there customers they should think and make a move to satify us and make a service pack 2 I hope they do! I have used windows 7 for 6 years and never any probolems! Sorry about that post earler my computer was acting up no pun there lol! I think they are saying well screw us and not care and just have a disregard for there service and products I tried Windows 8 and I got to say it's a cool os if you have a tablet but if you have a desktop it's crap! I will keep windows 7 until they revamp the windows 8 interface and make it more desktop user friendly!
  5. Not to worry, Windows 7 will get SP2. However, be careful in what you wish for, as most likely, some components of Windows 8 will likely be incorporated into 7. Sometimes, as with XP SP2, these packs add new features, in this case, a firewall & other security enhancers. SP2 for Windows 7 is going to be more than a collection of previously installed updates.

    I run both Windows 7 & 8, use Classic Shell for a Start Menu, once the Start is added, there's not that much difference between the two OS's. Yes, 8 is slightly faster booting/shutting down, but in between, not much different. Both the copies that I paid $15 each for were worth it, but at $200, no way would I have purchased 8. See, I tested 8 & ran it as my daily OS from Day 1 (02/26/12) through it's final release. It's not a bad OS at all, & can be customized to your taste. One doesn't have to see those tiles at startup.

    However, I do agree with the majority here, there should be a SP2 for Windows 7 for if no other reason, to slipstream into the install DVD to save lots of updating time. Speaking of which, since someone else brought it up, it takes noticeably less time to fully update XP than Windows 7 (even with those 300 updates that someone mentioned XP has).

    As far as Linux goes, Mint 13 Mate LTS is a good option for those who mostly are using a computer to read articles, post on forums, send/receive emails, make purchases (it's very secure) & other general use. Mint 14 is almost comparative to Windows 8. Linux Mint is now the 3rd most used OS, behind Apple (all) & Windows (all). That's a major accomplishment for a OS that was born in 2006. Except for gamers & those who must run MS Office (& those with NVIDIA cards), Mint is a perfect fit for many users.

    Honestly, I don't see what MS is griping about anyway, Windows 7 sales are still good, as many who has bought computers with 8 preinstalled simply slicked the HDD & installed Windows 7. MS still gets their cut from every Windows 7 license, as well as Office 2010, sold. MS is far from broke, however they're going to lose customers in the direction they're headed.
  6. captaincranky

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    This keeps coming up. Windows 7 is still widely available. This is the same as the situation with Vista. What happened with XP, stores were selling out their existing inventory, while M$ discontinued issuing XP licenses. And people with any modicum of good sense were snapping it up. So, when the XP in stores was gone, Vista was essentially forced on the consumer.

    So, the topic comes up over and over, with my core question being, "are Windows 7 licenses still being issued by M$", or are the available store stocks all that we are ever going to see"?

    To the best of my knowledge, it hasn't been M$'s business model to maintain retail or OEM sales of multiple versions of Windows simultaneously.

    And the moral of the story is, (or a least my take on it), yeah, they're jamming Windows 8 down your throat, (or perhaps up the back of your computer), whether you like it or not.

    Point of fact is, we're not going to enjoy the safe haven of buying and installing Windows 7 forever.

    Something else. You mention "slip streaming service packs into Win7 (?)". After a brief search at the "ImgBurn" site, and M$ support, I was unable to find a set of instructions to accomplish this on any thing later than Win XP SP-3.
  7. Codepimp

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    Wat is Better W7 or W8 ???....
  8. cliffordcooley

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    That may depend on which age group you hang out with.
  9. captaincranky

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    No, it would depend on which group you decide you want to hang around with....:oops:
  10. cliffordcooley

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    No! But sometimes it makes you wonder.
  11. captaincranky

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    Dude, Windows 8 is a feeling, a movement, a celebration of jacka**es" jumping around on top of desks with Surface Tablets flailing about all willy nilly.

    You're only as old as you think you are. Well, at least until you try and purchase term life insurance.
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  12. Jad Chaar

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    Those commercials are so professional arent they?
  13. Fred Bacha

    Fred Bacha TS Rookie

    Chiming in with everyone else -- M$ needs an enema. Windows 8 is a joke when it comes to productivity. The interface was obviously designed with tablets in mind, not real computers.

    Now M$ wants to make us swallow their mistake by not supporting Windows 7 properly?

    Apple is not doing much better. Time for us all to get off the big money-go-round and support Open Source. Maybe then these big companies will figure out they have to treat customers right if they want to keep us.
  14. I have to agree with the last poster, Windows 7 is by far & large the most used OS on the planet today. Yet Windows 8 users (still outnumbered by XP ones) is going to get a major update this summer?

    Something is very wrong with the leadership of Microsoft. No corporation in the world can ignore the majority of it's user base, in this case, a SP2 for Windows 7 & not face a storm of anger from it's customers. In this case, rightfully so. MS is surviving & thriving off Windows 7 & Office 2010, not Windows 8. The large majority of Windows 7 users are satisfied & has no intention of using Windows 8. And why should we, Windows 7 will be supported until sometime in the year 2020. By then, Windows 8 (& 8.1) will be a fart in the wind.

    It now takes almost twice the time to perform a full install of Windows 7 than XP SP3, even with SP1 figured in. Since that SP has been released, hundreds of updates/patches has been released, many of which takes time to install (especially those .NET Framework 4 & now 4.5 ones).

    When is MS going to figure out that "The Apple Way" won't work for it's customer base? Which is obviously the direction they're headed.

    Bill Gates needs to return & give his friend Steve Ballmer a swift kick in the rear.
  15. jondonnis

    jondonnis TS Rookie

    They'll change their tune soon with businesses moving to Windows 7, if they don't have the SP support, they'll move to Linux.

  16. Even if they don't have the SP support, they would still rather stick with Windows OS than migrate to Linux. Why? Many businesses rely on third-party software (e.g. MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc) that are dependent on Windows and they place greater importance on these software than the OS itself. Unless Linux support those software (extremely unlikely), Windows will remain the OS of choice for corporations.
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  17. raybk

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    No service pack to force me to move to Windows 8? No Way!!!
    In view of poorer support and irresponsibility from Microsoft, I won't consider Microsoft products for my company anymore!
  18. Darth Shiv

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    Indeed. There aren't many businesses that would seriously consider moving to Linux.
  19. Um, dude. You need to get your irony detector calibrated.
  20. This is why I have a copy of 7 so I don;t need to be bound to the OS.
  21. Thankfully I dual boot linux and WIndows 7 and I always will.. Until I am absolutely forced to upgrade to a new OS.. AKa when Nvidia stops making drivers for WIndows 7.. WHich will still be a long arsed time. Linux.. I have never had issues with using Wine/PlayOnLinux, well some but thats why there are massive communities out there willing to help you. Not to mention Linux is hella more secure. I play alot of my games through Wine on linux thatare classics like Planescape, Septerra Core, etc. With Steam, it helps alittle more. Libre Office, I give a big middle finger to Microsoft in that aspect, Just as simple to use and just as feature rich in each of its programs. Microsoft ha shad to cave into Linux and generate a SKype client for it, I may not be right but Microsoft may see that there is a large linux base out there to, and given some people do pay for skype services, its still money. Most I use Winodws 7 for is DX10 and 11 games. Linux, OpenGL all the way~<3 Linux is surprisingly easy to use, you just have to sit down with it and actually put a bit of effort into things. Open Source Community is the way of the future at this rate! Regards, A Flaming Tire Iron
  22. Doggypoo

    Doggypoo TS Rookie

    Microsoft can kiss my ***! The features added in Windows 8 are total bullshit. There's nothing 8 does of real value that 7 won't do even without a service pack 2. And even worse it isn't backwards compatible with some of my software. I wouldn't waste my time frisbeeing a damn 8 disc into the ocean. Maintain your damn systems, or get out of the business. No wonder the Fed busted your ***. How much worse would you be if they had let you continue your damn trend toward monopoly.
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  23. captaincranky

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    Well, a constant march of unnecessary releases is what you should expect. M$ realizes that maintaining an old operating system with service packs and patches, doesn't line Mr. Gate's pockets, nor those of his mentally defective twin half-sister Steve Ballmer. It just costs them money.

    M$ has become notorious for paid, public, beta releases, the most infamous of which is "Vista". They just dump their latest unfinished garbage off on an unsuspecting public, put a couple of extra bodies on the call line, and start charging callers for support. (OK, there was a bit of speculation in that last statement.

    In any event, it may come to pass that M$ follows Adobe's lead and attempts to make Windows into a subscription only model.

    I don't know how Adobe is doing with their subscription only Creative Suite experiment, but I can tell you I'm not a member. Nor do I have any intention of becoming one.

    As it stands now, if I acquire new camera bodies that my current edition of Photoshop doesn't handle the raw file format, I'll spring for the latest edition of, "Lightroom", w(when it's a Newegg, "Shell Shocker), and convert any files I need to edit into, .psd format, which can be handled by any Adobe editing software evber released.

    And yeah, it's getting to the point where I'm most likely going to install Linux on a spare HDD lying around the house. Then, after M$ pisses me off bad enough, I'll just pop it into whatever I'm using on the web, install the TOR browser bundle, and be done with them.
  24. tipstir

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    Linux isn't that perfect OS either. I like Windows 7 SP1 with all it patches. Everything runs smooth on it. MS 8 I don't how you have to sign in to use OS like MS is tracking you. Subscription base OS am not a fan of. Android OS on large PC touch 21.5 looks like fun but then what you going to do with.
  25. cliffordcooley

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    I will refrain from name calling and leave out the trolling aspect of my thoughts.

    If MS would guarantee update support, through the life of my PC, I wouldn't care. I have a great machine that will likely live passed, the end of life for Windows 7 support. It would be nice to have a current updated package, that did not depend on web updating.

    The very same thing is happening to XP as we speak. Every update passed Service pack 3 will be/is no longer available, since MS is dropping update services. This means anyone needing to re-install XP on their old machine is chit out of luck, if they want their system as updated as possible. They will have to settle for SP3, and forget about all those updates that were released since.

    Lets not forget about all the Vista machines that lost update services before XP fully died.

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