Microsoft's Chromium-powered Edge browser is now available on macOS


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It's fair to say Microsoft's old "Edge" browser wasn't the most popular piece of software in the world. While it was a decent-enough browser alternative in its own right due to a few unique features, it failed to make a dent in the user bases that Firefox or Google Chrome have amassed over the years.

Though Microsoft spent quite some time trying to make Edge work, leadership eventually decided it wasn't worth the effort. Instead of continuing to fight an uphill battle, the company elected to rebuild Edge from the ground up using the power of Chromium. Windows 10 users finally got their hands on this revamped version of Edge in April, when the first official preview version went live.

For Microsoft, a Windows 10 user base isn't enough, though. The company today announced that the first preview builds for the new Edge are now available for macOS users. According to Microsoft, Edge for macOS offers the same overall browsing experience as its Windows 10 counterpart, but its "look and feel" has been tweaked to better suit the needs of Mac fans.

Edge for macOS offers the same overall browsing experience as its Windows 10 counterpart, but its "look and feel" has been tweaked to better suit the needs of Mac fans.

Though most of these changes are small -- affecting things like menu layouts, font styles, and keyboard shortcuts -- one larger change is Microsoft's decision to integrate MacBook Touch Bars into the Edge experience. By swiping left and right on the Touch Bar with the browser in focus, you can switch between tabs. Alternatively, you can use the Touch Bar to control video playback.

As time goes on, more adjustments will undoubtedly be made to Edge's Mac port based on feedback from users. If you decide to try it for yourself but feel something is missing, you can let Microsoft know by using the "Send Feedback" tool.

You can download Edge for macOS right now by visiting our download section.

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I wonder when the current EdgeHTLM gets replaced with the Chrome version on Windows 10. Sure, I could download it, but it still isn't a finished product. I assume that 1903 will have it upon released.


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The only people who are going to use this are developers.
Well I'm not a dev, but an IT expert and I can tell that I've been using the new Edge and the last 2 weeks (the download linkd for Developer and Canary leaked 2 weeks ago)

This will NEVER be on my Macs!
In some way, better than Google Chrome:
No extension needed for 1080p/4k stream for netflix, already built in (Chrome lacks this feature)
the settings menu better, search bar in the settings not taking the whole top part of it
It can use microsoft's DRM for content streaming (Chrome lacks this feature)
Supports IE emulation in tabs in Windows (yes IE still a thing nowadays) and will be supported on macs
Supports Exchange profiles
After sync my work G Suite profile to the new Edge and copying the history from Chrome, still runs smoother than Chrome.
I believe if MS doing this right (it looks like it does) it will be a competition to Chrome.
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I'm in agreement with @Dosahka on this, I've been using the new dev version of Edge and it's actually really good, I would even go as far as better than Chrome in some instances as listed above.

I genuinely haven't had a need to go back to Chrome, which is massive, because whenever Microsoft release a browser, I ALWAYS want to go back to Chrome.

If anyone digs up my comments on Techspot when this new version was originally announced and I said it would be rubbish. Yes, I'll eat my own words.


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The "orthodox" Machead will disdain any Windows based software just like M$ fanboys disdain non-Windows stuff. Developers will try anything that might have compatibility issues, just to make their work as portable as possible.

Just my $0.02


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That alone is enough of a feature that I'll download it now.
That was my first thought, but on macs not yet supported.
I believe the idea is that MS is at the verge to finally phase out IE but the only way to do is keep it as a "feature" rather than just remove it from win10 completely.
And if it runs in a container inside Edge that means every (un)known vulnerability can't escape therefore (if they are implementing correctly) you can safely use IE with legacy systems without compromising Cyber Security, eventually eliminating special VMs (and ridiculous support cost) for managing legacy systems.

@Danny101 see for yourself:
the latest Dev version is (updated every week), latest Canary version is (updated every day)