Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday update fixes crashing apps in Windows 11


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Why it matters: Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday updates are out for Windows 11 and Windows 10 users, and they contain a long list of fixes and some quality of life improvements. You can postpone these for one or two weeks, but keep in mind that the update contains essential fixes for security vulnerabilities already being exploited in the wild.

For those who have jumped to Windows 11, the latest cumulative update (KB5013943) addresses an issue that has caused some apps based on .NET Framework 3.5 to refuse to open or crash shortly after being launched. It also fixes the screen flickering experienced by some users in Safe Mode when using File Explorer, the Start Menu, or some elements on the taskbar.

Perhaps more important is that Microsoft fixed issues preventing users from minimizing, maximizing, or closing an app's window after being maximized on the screen. The weather icon on the taskbar will now be more compact and have the temperature displayed on top of it. Minor annoyances like misaligned or partially cut-off video subtitles should also be gone.

There's still an issue that will prevent IT admins from using recovery disks made using the old Backup and Restore utility on a system with the January 11 cumulative update or newer. Otherwise, the latest patch includes all the security updates found in the optional KB5012643 released on April 25.

Some of the CVEs that Microsoft fixed carry a high severity rating and may open you or your organization up to ransomware attacks. Despite Microsoft's previous efforts, there's also a new fix for Print Spooler, which is still the Achilles heel of many enterprise systems.

The latest Patch Tuesday update also has some fixes for Windows 10. Although they are minor issues, Microsoft fixed a bug that caused OneDrive to lose focus after being renamed and another that greeted you with the News and Interests panel in situations where you didn't click on it.

The Redmond giant also took this opportunity to remind everyone that today's update marks the end of support for Windows 10 version 20H2 (Home and Pro SKUs). The company would love to see you upgrade to Windows 11. However, even its internal rollout of the new operating system wasn't flawless, and some devices used by employees didn't meet the rather stringent system requirements.

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Last time a "security" fix was pushed to my work computer it broke the crap out of the print spooler service.....

Then having an incompetent IT guy, he didn't believe me that the update was causing printer issues for me and he spent nearly 6 hours doing everything else, other than removing the update and he couldn't fix the issue. Once he finally listened to me and removed the update the printer issue went away. Then I had to show him how to stop having the update pushed out again.....

If these updates get pushed I sure hope they don't break anything again.

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Every article about Windows 11 only serves to re-affirm that my steadfast refusal to be an early adopter is the wise path.

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How can one break what is already broken?
Yeah. Good point there!
I own a Legion 7i and it broke Lenovo's Advantage dashboard app and the ServiceBridge functionality used to check for driver updates.
Yeah, brand-in-a-box PCs and craptops have software that can only handle the operating system that they came with. Any changes result in... well, you know.
If these updates get pushed I sure hope they don't break anything again.
Man, that's wishful thinking if I've ever heard it. This is Microsoft we're talking about here! :laughing:


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The last 3 updates for my Win11 PC all failed.

I don't know if MS tries to fix whatever prevents updates from installing, but it's unsettling knowing my copy of Windows won't update when there are known security flaws.