Microsoft's PowerToys utility collection gets a revamped Run launcher


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PowerToys, for those who don't know, is an open-source, Microsoft-managed suite of software tools designed to enhance the Windows 10 experience and boost productivity for power users. The Run launcher is the latest addition to this toolset, and it aims to improve upon the basic Run implementation.

Activated by pressing Alt+Space (by default, but you can change the shortcut at will), PowerToys Run has a new interface that can dynamically show command results based on what you've typed into the search box. It can run software and plugins, open specific files, and overall do just about everything you'd expect it to do.

However, it does so with a sleeker, easier-to-use interface, and thanks to the open-source community, it could gain some exciting functions down the line. That might mean direct web search support (like the standard Windows 10 search bar), or even entirely new plugins.

If you decide to try PowerToys Run, Microsoft encourages you to offer feedback on the utility, whether that comes in the form of a bug report or a feature request. The company acknowledges that the Run launcher isn't perfect, so bugs and glitches should be expected.

The other major addition included in the latest release of PowerToys is "Keyboard Manager," which, as the name suggests, provides users with an accessible way to remap the various keys on their keyboard. The interface is relatively simple, but the core functionality doesn't differ much from what you might find in software like Corsair's iCUE or Logitech's G-Hub (minus the fancy RGB controls, of course).

If you'd like to take the latest PowerToys features out for a spin, you can download the installer for release 0.18.0 right here.

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First thing I am going to do is remap my keyboard. Someone want to tell me why this is useful? I would truly like to know
I left Windows for Fedora a couple of months ago and I'm not looking back. All of the games and software I want are running great. The only potential trouble I can foresee is the DAW & VSTs, but others have reported some success so hopefully I will have success as well.


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First thing I am going to do is remap my keyboard. Someone want to tell me why this is useful? I would truly like to know
I remap my CapsLock key to leftShift, to avoid random letters suddenly going all Caps on me. I use a simple program called KeyTweak to do this. It works for me.


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I pressed Ctrl + Win the other day and up popped Window Runner. I thought it was part of Windows 10, but just checking PowerToys and it was part of it. I'm really impressed with how it's coming on!

Edit: so it seems they replaced it with PowerToys Run that while more useful (and like another third party program I used to run years ago) isn't the same as it's not searching running programs only.

Now, I wonder if they'll nab Battery Bar next? It's a paid app though, but considering it almost never gets updates and Microsoft could easily afford to buy it...
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