Missing Video for Storm Media Player

By hedgert
Jan 10, 2008
  1. I have Vista Home Premium and a Sony LCD large screen connected via HDMI to my HP Pavillion Laptop. Following varoius posted suggestions about getting no sound over the HDMI link (I got video - just not sound) when playing DVDs through Windows Media Player, I installed the Storm Codec package including its own Media Player.

    Adding the Storm Codecs hasn't made any difference to the underlying issue, but as various posts recommended the Storm Media Player I thought I'd try that. It shows as two windows, a control window and separate window for the video output. I get sound - which is great. However, although the video image does show up in the video frame on the laptop screen, on the external LCD (via HDMI) it does not. I get everything else on my laptop screen, but just a black window with title and borders for the video frame.

    Any suggestions?
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