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I am building a new PC and I am coming with the eternal discussion between the 5800x3D and 13600K. I've been reading on them for quite a while, and I've seen that they can be quite close to one another trading blows. However, something I have heard but haven't seen much data about, is the MMO performance. I plan on playing some WoW and I figured the 5800x3D would be a better pick for that, but not sure how much it would help. I am also pairing it with a 6800XT and even if I am going the Intel way, I am looking to go DDR4 for now (and the 5800x3D combo would be about 30-50GBP less compared to the intel, considering a B650/Z690 motherboard as well).


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This video should give you the answer you're after, although it doesn't include a 13th gen Core CPU: