Modder creates portable Xbox One, complete with 22-inch screen

Shawn Knight

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If a portable version of the Xbox One happens to be something you've lusted over and you have $1,500 to spare, self-taught engineer Ed Zarick will be happy to take your money.

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What's next - sticking a monitor to the desktop PC case? But wait, there's this thing called All-In-One, so really, there is no need.

For the kind of money one can get away with a far more powerful laptop.

Quick, send it to the producers of Dumb And Dumber - 2, they will add it to the script ;)


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If I had the money and wanted an xbox one I would do this any day. Especially at college - fold up your xbox and bring it to your friend's room real fast.


From his website:
Heres how the ordering will work. Click the Paypal button on the bottom of this site and you will pay $750.00 upfront nonrefundable deposit. This gets your name put on the list (trust me, its gets full quick) and gets me working on your XBOOK. After its completed, you will pay the remainder and shipping and your XBOOK will be shipped out! Once I start on your unit, it will take 2-3 weeks to complete.
$750 non-refundable upfront deposit ....ha!