Modem problems?

By ronobono
Jun 21, 2010
  1. Hi..I just got cable installed a few days ago and im having a huge problem with my speed. They gave me this huge modem (i think cause they were out of others) its a Motorola Surfboard SBV5220. I have had cable and DSL internet plenty and have never had speeds this low. I read someone say on google that this modem was giving them speed issues untill they got a diff modem. The thing is that i ran a speed test on the cable providers website (Insight) and it says im downloading at 1.4k mbs-somewhere around that. but when i download or stream anything else im getting 125 kbs max? I ran the comp in safe mode and still the same speeds. Also the site told my to try a optimizer. I tryed the TcpOptimizer with no luck. I want to say its just my modem but if i can just get the download speeds out of it that the spped test site says im downloading at i would be fine.. If anyone can help me with this i would very muh appreciate it. :D

    comp is a Toshiba laptop-3GB ram--300gb HD if this helps
  2. raybay

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    Who is your provider?
    The Motorola Surfboard works well. We have them all over the three counties we serve, with rarely a problem. But there is always the possibility of a bad one. But we are always amazed at how good the Motorola is at a very low cost.
    Have you talked to your service tech support? Are you subscribed to their low cost below 3 Gb service? Because they are trickey when they say "Up to 3 GB" and it is closer to 1 GB. Qwest is famous for doing that.
    More likely is the cable connection. If too slow, your service will check it and fix it without charge in most cases.
    Demand what you are paying for. Even paying for a service call would be worth it in the long run.
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