Modifying Office 2003 setup files

By bushwhacker
Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Just remember this, I owns the retail cds of Office 2003.

    How can I find the precious information on how to merges the 5 cds for office 2003 into a DVD? I remembered that I did the AIO( All - in - one ), and it wasn't working to my expectation. ( It didn't runs a setup that contains all of office stuffs, instead it shows me as ISOs.)

    I'm hoping to have someone to provide the valuable informations on how to decompile and repacks the MSIs, so I could reduce the numbers of MSIs to one.

    I basically extracted entire of the CDs into one folder, putting everything in there, and I noticed there's 6 MSIs in the setup folder. The size for total of 5 cds brings up to around 899MB.

    Each MSI has it own same master names as “ Microsoft Office ” and sub-category has it own different names... how to includes the remaining of Office programs beside FrontPage ?

    I tried to modify the setup.ini at O:\!TRANSFERRED\Office\FILES\SETUP and includes the several MSIs, but it didn't work.

    I would like to understand how to includes or modify the MSI and loads the features that are ready to be selected and installed by the only one setup, instead of several setups in a several numbers of CDs.

    I also would like to know how to integrates the templates and fonts into Office as well.

    Screenshot attached.

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