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Apr 3, 2010
  1. 2 days ago when I was cleaning my computer from inside from dust, and when i connected everything back (I didn't pull out any of the components) my monitor went blank, and only the brown light was shining. Then I disconnected the graphics card and put it back in. All the same, my graphics card still works, but I had to connect the monitor to the motherboard integrated card. When my system booted up (Windows 7 Ultimate), in devices and printers tab, under the computer icon was a yellow questionmark, saying that the PCI memory controller misses drivers, but it can't find them on the Internet. My MB is AMD 690v , and my graphics card is ATI HD 4670. What should I do? PLEASE HELP ASAP. Thanks.
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    You motherboard may contain that AMD chipset but that is not the motherboard make and model. You need to identify the motherboard make and model and go to the motherboard manufacturer's website to find drivers for it. You would go to ATI's website for graphics drivers if you ever need them.

    That said, you shouldn't suddenly be missing these drivers. Did you take precautions against static electricity discharge while you were cleaning the insides of the PC? Hopefully reinstallation of the motherboard drivers will be enough.

    By the way connecting your monitor to the integrated graphics does not mean your Radeon HD 4670 card still works. It only works if your monitor is plugged into the 4670 and you get a normal output.
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    I have motherboard drivers, but for xp and Vista but not for 7, and I can't find them on the internet. Like I said, PCI memory contoller drivers are missing. Would it hep if I reinstalled Windows, because it was the source of drivers for mobo.

    One more thing, when I booted it up in safe mode, it was loading the drivers, but took some time to load the Atipcie driver, so i suppose that that is the problem.

    Give me a concrete solution please, you know about these things more than I do.
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    What is your motherboard make and model?
  5. ujkozavlanje

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    It is Sapphire PE-AM2RS690V2 AMD 690v chipset. But never mind, I must have moved it while cleaning because, yesterday I opened the case and pulled out the graphics card and inserted it again, and it was ok. Nevertheless thank you for trying to help me. Peace.
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    You're welcome. Glad you got it sorted out.
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