Monitor going to sleep - did everything so far

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Sep 21, 2009
  1. I was cleaning my keyboard one night it got sticky due to kids. I have done it before with the computer on.. i have had monitor go to sleep before.. I just clicked on the moon shapped button and it came back. Well this time it wouldn't. It would come back for a bit when i unplugged monitor cord but it would go back to sleep within 5 to 10 seconds. So i unplugged it for over a minute and got a few minutes to work on; it. I already had the settings so that the monitor never went to sleep. I tried doing a computer reset to a few days back, that did not help it either. I thought maybe it was my PC.. so i switched computers. It is still doing it on the other computer. ( Monitor is an Omnitech) :( I would appreciate any advice thank you! :eek:

    The light does not always turn orange.. and sometimes it says no signal imput even though its plugged in. (Monitor is not even a year old... it was bought last january)
  2. almcneil

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    Check power saving options in Display Properties in Control Panel. Make sure Windows isn't turning off the monitor prematurely.

    -- Andy
  3. raven21ca

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    yes, ty! the settings was not on that. it does it on my other computer too. I have tried finding a reset button on my monitor with no luck..
  4. almcneil

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    Most standard monitors don't have sleep option as Windows takes care of it. Some models do. So long as you have disabled the monitor sleep or set the timeout to your liking, you should be OK now.

    -- Andy
  5. raven21ca

    raven21ca TS Rookie Topic Starter


    yes all the settings are like that on both computers but it still wont stop :(
  6. almcneil

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    You said "ty" so I thought I solved your problem.
    If it's not Windows then it's a hardware setting through the front panel on the monitor. Go to the manufacturer web site support page and read the manual for your model. It should outline how to change the sleep timeout.

    -- Andy
  7. blerina

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    it must be the power problem....get it to a local computer shop and let someone check it.
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